Transforming Macs into task-focused devices with Hexnode’s Autonomous Single App Mode

Astrid Wolff

Apr 3, 2024

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Previously exclusive to iOS devices, Hexnode extends ‘Autonomous Single App Mode’ to macOS devices. The feature enables admins to temporarily restrict devices to a single designated application, curtailing other functionalities.

Many organizations prefer Macs over Windows devices due to their versatility and reputation for enhanced security. However, restricting these devices for specific work purposes has always posed a challenge for IT admins across various sectors.

Hexnode’s Autonomous Single App Mode (ASAM) for macOS effectively mitigates this challenge by enabling IT admins to lockdown their Macs to a single application. This feature proves particularly useful for conducting examinations on shared Macs, where the device can temporarily restrict itself to the assessment app and revert to normal operation once the testing concludes or the student logs out. Moreover, small and medium-sized retail businesses can leverage this feature to confine Macs to run advertising or feedback form applications for a predetermined period.

How to initiate app-specific lockdown?

Administrators can initiate ASAM mode by selecting the supported task or work application through the Hexnode portal and associating the ASAM policy to the required devices. Upon execution, the Mac will be locked to the chosen application, preventing access to any other apps or settings. Once the application’s purpose is served or the user logs out, the app automatically releases itself from the kiosk state, allowing the device to resume normal use.

One step towards securing Macs for your businesses

By restricting devices to a single application, ASAM fosters a focused work environment, boosting productivity and minimizing distractions. Moreover, by limiting access to other applications and notifications, ASAM fortifies device security, mitigating risks associated with unauthorized access and data breaches.

With this latest addition, Hexnode’s kiosk capabilities now extend across Apple platforms, including macOS, iOS, and Apple TV, with added support for Android and Windows. This comprehensive coverage makes securing and managing devices across various platforms a breeze for IT administrators.


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