Hexnode Partner Summit 2023 closing keynote – Drawing the curtains

Alie Ashryver

Apr 20, 2023

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Aaaand, that’s a wrap! Wow, that was five insane hours of jam-packed sessions handled by both Hexnode experts and industry speakers. Well, there’s no doubt that there are a number of words we could use to describe the experience. Everything from interesting and inspiring to amazing and epic fits. And, we agree! Apu Pavitran, Founder and CEO at Hexnode, commanded the audience one last time this night to deliver his gratitude. The CEO’s closing keynote was indeed a vote of thanks wrapped with the promises of a beautiful tomorrow for all associated with Hexnode. Let’s take a look at what went down in the CEO’s closing address.

Together, we did!

Apu took to the stage to reaffirm the theme for the summit by pointing out the fact that the success of Hexnode Partner Summit 2023 is a credit to everyone, from the Hexnode team to the amazing audience – Hexnode’s partners. Words did not shy the CEO as he went on to say…

The passion and dedication you’ve shown have truly fueled Hexnode’s growth over the years, and we cannot express our gratitude enough.

Well, it’s true!

A toast to the many more years to come…

Apu’s closing keynote left no man feeling ignored. The CEO took his time expressing his heartfelt gratitude to each and every one who has been a part of Hexnode from speakers and panelists to the ever-supportive moderators. Continuing along the same thread, the closing keynote was a nod to the upcoming years of a solid partnership between Hexnode and its partners. Toasting the power of collective expertise and determination, Apu’s closing keynote charged the atmosphere with renewed vigor and excitement for facing the challenges of tomorrow. No doubt, an excitement evidently cushioned by the unwavering support of Hexnode partners. Cheers to that!

This fall, we meet!

Yup, you read that right. This fall, we meet. Apu’s closing keynote was a promise. A promise of hopefully having a face-to-face interaction the next time our paths cross. Quoting the CEO himself…

As we part ways, it’s safe to say that our next event won’t just be virtual. We hope we’ll run into some of you at Gitex this fall, as well as at other meetups and shows we have planned throughout the year.

Gitex, short for Gulf Information Technology Exhibition, is an annual technology exhibition and conference held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The event brings together technology companies, startups, entrepreneurs, and investors from across the globe to showcase their latest innovations, products, and services. Gitex is considered one of the largest technology exhibitions in the world, with a strong focus on emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, and Big Data. Accordingly, the event features a comprehensive program of conferences, workshops, and product launches, allowing participants to learn about the latest trends, insights, and strategies in the tech industry. Gitex is a highly anticipated event in the tech industry and attracts thousands of visitors every year. And there, let’s hope we can finally meet in person!

See you next time!

Well, that just about sums up the CEO’s closing note. We had an amazing time hosting the third edition of Hexnode’s Partner Summit, and we hope you did too. Our goal was to strengthen our growing partner community and work towards progress in our fields despite challenges. I think it’s safe to say we’ve achieved what we set about to achieve with our summit. And with that, we take your leave. See you!!

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