Hexnode: The Best endpoint and kiosk management software of 2017

Neil John

Dec 23, 2017

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WALNUT, Calif., December 22, 2017 ( – Hexnode MDM has earned the “Best of 2017” recognition on this year’s Mobile Star Awards™ organized by MobileVillage for both of its categories

  1. Apps, Devices & Endpoint Management, and
  2. Kiosk Management.

Hexnode MDM competed with some of the top software in both Apps, Device & Endpoint Management and Kiosk Management categories to be selected as the best app, device and kiosk management software. Hexnode MDM expanded from providing Mobile Device Management services to kiosk and endpoint management and features like geofencing, file management and remote view, to name a few.

“In our nearly 25 years of promoting the best in mobile, we still take pride in leveling the playing field for mobile tech innovators — whether they be creative new app startups or big-name companies,” says MobileVillage Editor Gary Thayer. “Because many of our readers and social followers have years of experience with mobile products, we trust them to have the strongest voice in picking the year’s best mobile apps and companies.”

“A ‘Best of 2017’ Mobile Star Award is an accomplishment that’s recognized by the entire mobile industry, customers and buyers,” says MobileVillage Founder and CEO Jon Covington. “Mobile Star Awards winners and nominees truly stand out and shine among millions of other mobile products as the greatest innovators and stars.”

Hexnode MDM’s simpler interface and better implementation make device management hassle-free. Up to date with the best features, great customer support, and happy customers make Hexnode MDM a top MDM software in the market.

About MobileVillage / PDA Inc.: Since its founding as PDA Inc. in 1993, MobileVillage® has led in customer- or user-focused mobile technology development by promoting and uniting tech innovators around the world. The company fosters mobile engagement, trust, knowledge and alliances through its popular annual Mobile Star Awards™ program, the world’s most extensive mobile events calendar, Mobile University™ event partnerships, mobile news, success stories, consulting, and online directory.

About Mitsogo Inc.: Mitsogo Inc. is a trusted provider of Enterprise Mobility Solution under the brand Hexnode. The MDM offers application management, security management, email management, kiosk management etc. along with device management. Hexnode MDM has found its way to all kinds of business sectors such as education, healthcare, transportation and even in high-security government fields all over the world. The clutter-less UI and simplified workflow are what makes the solution more efficient and preferable.

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