Hexnode introduces Windows kiosk- the perfect solution for Windows 10

Andrea Jones

Dec 7, 2018

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WALNUT, Calif., December 7, 2018 ( – The leading vendor in the MDM market- Hexnode MDM– puts forward yet another interesting feature to its rich collection of enterprise features- Windows Kiosk. Kiosk mode is already available on iOS and Android devices. In its latest release, Hexnode MDM makes this feature available on Windows devices as well.

Hexnode MDM allows its users to set up their devices in single app kiosk mode thus locking the device to a single app. In such a scenario, the user can have access to only a single app thereby providing a high degree of control over the system. Converting your devices into kiosks restrict them to work in a specific, purpose-oriented environment. It does not end here! After the release of Windows single app kiosk, the team is all set to put forward multi-app kiosk mode for Windows. The chase is on and will be soon at your doorsteps.

Hexnode MDM is a leading provider of Unified Endpoint Management solution that supports all major operating systems- iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and tvOS. Its integration with Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and Volume Purchase Program (VPP), Samsung Knox, LG GATE, Kyocera, Sony, HTC, Active Directory, and Android in the Enterprise program makes device management much more concise and sorted. With a wide range of features starting from app management, expense management, kiosk management, content management, ranging to web filtering, remote view and control, location tracking, and many more, Hexnode has been pacing to fulfill its customer’s needs and is working to continue doing the same.

About the company: Mitsogo Inc. is a leading provider of Endpoint Management and Security solutions. Hexnode MDM, the award-winning Unified Endpoint Management platform from Mitsogo has been helping organizations in 100+ countries stay agile and competitive in an increasingly mobile world. From SMBs to Fortune 500s, enterprises of all sizes have leveraged Mitsogo’s prowess in device management to drive business productivity and compliance. With both cloud and on-premise hosting options to choose from, Mitsogo’s solutions adapt to the most complex of business environments.

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