HexCon23 Closing Keynote: Until Next Time

Henry O'Shea

Sep 22, 2023

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HexCon23 recently concluded after three exciting days filled with 40 hours of content, featuring over 80 speakers and streaming for more than 50 hours. This event was a resounding success, and as the curtains close, we reflect on the insightful journey it provided.

In three days, we saw sessions covering all aspects of cybersecurity, from DEX and compliance to zero-trust security and even AI. Three days of networking, interaction and most importantly, learning.

HexCon23 Opening Keynote: Championing Growth

In his closing speech, Hexnode co-founder and CEO, Apu Pavithran expressed his gratitude to the global audience for their participation and enthusiasm, making the event a resounding success.

We believe HexCon and events like it encourage our community to carry forward the spirit of innovation and meaningful discussions.
~ Apu Pavithran, Founder & CEO, Hexnode

In a rapidly evolving digital world filled with opportunities and risks, he stressed the importance of maintaining a strong sense of community. The knowledge shared during the event equips attendees with the tools to enhance their cybersecurity defenses.

Apu extended his appreciation to the event’s speakers for sharing their expertise and the Hexnode team for orchestrating this outstanding gathering. He encouraged attendees to continue the conversation on social media platforms and assured them that session recordings would soon be accessible for those who missed out.

As Apu bade farewell to HexCon’23, it’s safe to say that both he and the rest of HexCon’s participants eagerly anticipate the next edition and the continued growth of our community.

And that concludes this year’s edition of HexCon. Once again, we extend our graitutude to everyone of our attendees across the globe in making this event a grand success.

Check out the highlights from the last three days if you’ve missed anything out.

Until next time, true believers. See you at HexCon24.

Safe safe, stay cyber-secure. Excelsior!


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