HexCon21 as it happened

Jayden Traoré

Sep 21, 2021

29 min read

The Hexnode team would like to thank all the attendees, speakers, and background crew for making HexCon21 a huge success. We hope to host you next year @HexCon22.

Re-watch HexCon21 sessions here!

4:00 pm EST 23/09/2021   

HexCon21 officially draws to a close.


3:55 pm EST 23/09/2021 @Keynote: Closing Keynote: That’s a wrap  

Apu Pavithran gave all attendees a deeper look into the idea behind the start of HexCon and covered some key highlights of HexCon21.


3:35 pm EST 23/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: Strategic Cybersecurity with Unified Endpoint Management  

Unified Endpoint Management solutions can help organizations enhance their cybersecurity structure. Dr.Tim Nedyalkov talked about this a bit more by sharing some strategies on how this can be implemented. 


3:20 pm EST 23/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: Hacker favorite misconfigurations in AWS  

Riyaz Ahemed Walikar helped unearth the cloud misconfigurations hackers frequently exploit in AWS. The session also delved into some real-life examples where this was put into use. 


3:15 pm EST 2309/2021 @Industry Speakers: Designing for Security – A User’s Perspective  

Maintaining the data security of users is vital. Nazima Ahmad talked about data security and how it ties in with cybersecurity.     


2:40 pm EST 23/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: Fixing Cybersecurity’s Weakest Link – Passwords  

Dovell Bonnett stressed on the importance of implementing good password habits and discussed both the benefits and hindrances that comes with using MFAs. 


2:35 pm EST 23/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: Being a true champion  

What does it take to be your best self? Mike Robbins helped answer that hard question by sharing some meaningful insights on how employees can overcome challenges and learn from difficult situations to be a true champion.


2:10 pm EST 23/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: Game Theory in Cybersecurity  

How do you apply game theory to up your cybersecurity strategy? Vanessa Redman briefly explained the definition of game theory and its applicability to improve the cybersecurity framework. 


1:55 pm EST 23/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: Future-proofing Supply Chain 4.0 from Emerging Cyberthreats  

Steven Sim gave an informative session on the future proofing of Supply Chain 4.0 and shared some important approaches organizations can implement to address the various challenges brought on by cyberthreats.   


1:40 pm EST 23/09/2021 @Breakout Sessions: Securing People in Personal and Work-Life  

Chris Johnson talked about how limiting access is one the best ways to minimize threats arising from a data compromise.   


1:15 pm EST 23/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: The Secret Art of Cyber Crisis Management  

This session by Menny Barzilay shared some real-life stories on cybercrimes. He talked about how implementing Cyber Crisis Management shouldn’t be so challenging and shared some pointers on how this can be implemented efficiently.   


1:00 pm EST 23/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: Hacking the Security Industry for Fun and Profit – Why is it important to Hack yourself!  

This session by David Jacoby took away the negative connotation we’ve always associated with hacking. Hacking can be pretty useful if it’s put into good use. They can be a viable choice for SMEs to spot vulnerabilities on their own. 


12:55 pm EST 23/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: Neurohacking  

Jorge Mario Ochoa’s session on Neurohacking uncovered some startling statistics on spear fishing and talked about what organizations need to do to stay clear of these hacker attacks. 


12:25 pm EST 23/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: Playground to Production: Cloud Security through the Development Pipeline  

Dmitry Raidman talked about the evolution of DevSecOps in modern organizations and how it ties to application security in today’s world.


12:15 pm EST 23/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: Playground to Production: Cloud Security through the Development Pipeline  

How do you incorporate security into your development pipeline? Merritt Baer covered in detail the security controls organizations must implement to ensure a robust architecture of their development pipelines.   


12:15 pm EST 23/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: Cybersecurity mistakes: Evolving Cybersecurity landscapes  

Jim Stickley gave viewers a detailed look on the evolving landscape of cybersecurity and some of the mistakes organizations must avoid when it comes to cybersecurity. 


12:00 pm EST 23/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: Getting the smarts wrong  

Ken Munroe, security writer, and speaker, told us what we are doing wrong when making a device smart and the solutions for it.


11:35 am EST 23/09/2021 @Partner Sessions: The Future of Digital Ads  

Ads have been used as a means of communication for hundreds of years. With the rise of digitalisation, businesses have now begun using digital ads to boost their marketing efforts. Thiago Bolognez gave a brief overview of digital ads and the future it holds.   


11:30 am EST 23/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: Cybersecurity in the Aviation Industry  

Patrick Mana gave an enlightening session on why it’s important to maintain cybersecurity within the aviation industry. He also shared some of the challenges faced by the industry that stops them from implementing adequate security measures to the fullest extent.   


11:25 am EST 23/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: Panel – Remote Work, Future of Work  

This session covered everything organizations need to know about a hybrid workspace and the benefits of assigning a flexible work schedule for employees in a post-pandemic world.   


11:05 am EST 23/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: Industrial IoT and Threats  

Mirko Ross dragged viewers deeper into the world of Industrial IoT and the different threats businesses could face in implementing it. 


11:00 am EST 23/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: Leadership success in the post-pandemic world  

Kevin Eikenberry helped organizations address some of the challenges they can overcome in a post-pandemic world by sharing tips on becoming effective leaders. 


11:00 am EST 23/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: Cybersecurity Barriers of Entry to Conduct Work for the Federal and DoD Market Space  

Johnathan Hard talked about the difficulties businesses face in trying to expand their presence into the Federal and Department of Defense market space. 


10:45 am EST 23/09/2021 @Partner Session: UEM for Hospitality and Supply Chain Management  

Vigi Varghese gave a detailed session on the role a UEM solution like Hexnode plays in Supply Chain Management and the Hospitality Industry.   


10:30 am EST 23/09/2021 @Breakout Sessions: True cyber emergency stories and leadership action plans from around the world  

We got to listen to Dan Lohrmann’s take on the emergence of cyberattacks and the best ways to be on guard against cybercriminals. 


10:25 am EST 23/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: SASE101 

Ever wondered what Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is? What are the components of SASE? Evegeniy Kharam helped answer those questions and more with his informative session on SASE101. 


10:00 am EST 23/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: OEM Panel  

Adam Arruda gave an overview of Zebra Technology and its product portfolio. Vern Olsen helped viewers understand the benefits Kyocera’s Dura Force Ultra 5G can bring to businesses across multiple industries. 


10:00 am EST 23/09/2021 @Breakout Sessions: Impact of emerging technologies on cybersecurity  

Chuck Brooks explained some of the reasons why organizations may not be as up-to-date on security as they think they should be. The session also dived deep into some of the latest trends of cybersecurity and other emerging technologies. 


10:00 am EST 23/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: Endpoint Security with Ransomware  

Malware is a common threat in many industries. Bob Fabien Zinga gave viewers a closer look into maintaining endpoint security and shared steps to mitigate the risks of a malware and ransomware infection. 


9:50 am EST 23/09/2021  

Day 3 of HexCon21 starts in 10 mins. Here is what you can look forward to today!


4:00 pm EST 22/09/2021  

That’s a wrap for day 2. Join us for day 3 at 10:00 am EST 23/09/2021!


3:25 pm EST 22/09/2021 @Breakout Sessions: Successful teams, and what is needed to support successful teams 

Ralph van Roosmalen talked about how organizations can help their team achieve success and the different development models they can implement.  


3:10 pm EST 22/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: How to Build a Great Work Culture Remotely 

Josh Allan Dykstra talked about building a great work culture and shared tips on how to reduce burnout. 


3:10 pm EST 22/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: Back to Basics – Combining Advanced Tools and Fundamentals to Improve Outcomes Against Advanced Threats. 

Michael Manrod and Christian Taillon revisited the security fundamentals that are required to mount an effective defense against the different ransomware and advanced threats of today. 


2:50 pm EST 22/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: Creating opportunity in a world of limitations 

Using anecdotes from his life, Dr. Lanre Phillips talked about how life falls in between expectations and reality. 


2:50 pm EST 22/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: Operational cybersecurity 

Albert E. Whale talked about the possibility of insider threats at HexCon21. 


2:35 pm EST 22/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: Ransomware attacks 

Are you aware of the ransomware attacks of 2021? The year is not over yet and you would be surprised how many attacks have already taken place! Here’s how to stay protected with the best cybersecurity tactics and techniques.   


2:00 pm EST 22/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: Cybersecurity for Executives 

Dr. Erdal Ozkaya gave an insightful session on how to rethink the security culture and make the hacker’s job harder by learning the best practices from the field.  


1:55 pm EST 22/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: Busting the Cybersecurity Myths – A Talk with Chris Roberts  

Chris Roberts, Adviser, Researcher, Hacker HillBilly Hit Squad, answered some of the most common vendor questions and how we can choose the perfect vendor. 


1:50 pm EST 22/09/2021 @Product Training: Switching to Hexnode just got easier 

If you are already using a device management solution but you are unsatisfied, you may want to migrate to Hexnode. Migrating to Hexnode is easy, which was cleared by the session.


1:50 pm EST 22/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: Hackers Won’t Pass – Microsoft 365 Defender in action 

Witness an attack scenario and how Microsoft 365 Defender catches the attack. Sergey Chubarov gave an informative session on how to analyze and avoid the typical misconfigurations in an organization.  


1:40 pm EST 23/09/2021 @Product Training: Scripting for Automated Device Management  

Scripting can be a huge time saver for IT admins. Sachin K, Product Evangelist at Hexnode gave an informative session on how minor tasks can be automated by deploying scripts with Hexnode UEM. 


1:25 pm EST 22/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: Rugged Solutions and the 5G Evolution 

Businesses face a lot of challenges when mobile communication is concerned. Curtis Wick from Kyocera International walked us through the benefits of Rugged devices for the 5G evolution. 


1:20 pm EST 22/09/2021 @Product Training: Hexnode Integrations: Okta  

Rupam Chirom, Product Evangelist at Hexnode walked us through the benefits of using Okta as a Directory Service Provider and an Identity Service Provider for user enrollment. 


1:20 pm EST 22/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: Cybersecurity automation 

How does one automate a full spectrum? Roderick Kaleho, Cyber Security Consultant LogicRiver, helped us analyze the common problems in security and how we can find its solutions. 


12:55 pm EST 22/09/2021 @Product Training: IoT Management  

Managing IoT devices shouldn’t be a chore. Shyam Prasad V, Product Evangelist at Hexnode helped businesses uncover the benefits of using a UEM solution like Hexnode to manage IoT devices. 


12:55 pm EST 22/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: Useful security services within AWS 

Nicholas McLaren, Cloud Security Engineer, Truist Bank, talked about guard duty and security hub. Find out how to use the services to protect enterprises and monitor compliance. 


12:45 pm EST 22/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: “What you see, is not always what you get” – Subverting Bedrock of Browsers 

Rafay Baloch, Lead Security Researcher, Cyber Citadel shared his interesting research on browser security as he walked us through the world of security.  


12:35 pm EST 22/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: Cyber Crime in industries 

If you are the next victim of a cybercrime, are you well prepared to tackle it? Scott A Augenbaum, a retired FBI agent, helped some of these questions. 


12:20 pm EST 22/09/2021 @Product Training: Comprehensive mac security management 

You can never be too careful when it comes to security. We discovered the best security practices for our macOS devices with Hexnode experts.


12:20 pm EST 22/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: Building a strong security culture 

Madhu Maganti, Cybersecurity Leader, Trusted Advisor ABIP CPAs & Advisors, shared his recommendations on building a strong security culture as he guided viewers through some of his real-life anecdotes.  


12:15 pm EST 22/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: Protection from Ransomware and building on Sysadmin’s working culture. 

Andy Harris, CTO Osirium, took viewers back in time to analyze the first instance of ransomware and explains how to protect the critical infrastructure from ransomware using Privileged Access Management (PAM). 


12:05 pm EST 22/09/2021 @Product Training: Defending with Windows Defender 

This session gave insights on how defending against threats and malware is easier when Hexnode joins hands with Windows Defender. 


11:50 am EST 22/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: 2021 DBIR and the VERIS A4 Threat Model 

John Grim, Head of Research, Development and Innovation,Verizon Business, explained how the VERIS Framework underpins the Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR). VERIS employs the A4 Threat Model to describe key aspects of incidents and breaches that affect victim organizations. 


11:40 am EST 22/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: COVID19 Cybersecurity Impacts 

Dr. Dave Schippers, Chair of Information Technology Decision Sciences, Walsh College, discussed the large trends – exploitation approaches, phishing exploitation of communications during the pandemic, and endpoint considerations. 


11:30 am EST 22/09/2021 @Product Training: ROM enrollment 

This comprehensive training session taught viewers how flashing a custom ROM with Hexnode UEM app as the system app gives additional privileges.  


11:30 am EST 22/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: Moving from Reactive to Proactive Security in Windows 

How does one move from reactive to proactive security? Sami Laiho, Senior Technical Fellow, MVP, Adminize, talked about what one should do first in an environment that needs to be secure. 


12:15 am EST 22/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: Privacy in the Cloud at Financial Institutions 

Ulf Mattsson, Chief Security Strategist at Protegrity, talked about data sensitivity in today’s corporate landscape.   


11:00 am EST 22/09/2021 @Product Training: All about Apple user enrollment 

We got to learn the ABCs of Apple user enrollment with this brief session.   


10:45 am EST 22/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: Security issues in the WFH scenario 

Randy Marchany, CISO, Virginia Tech, talked about issues while dealing with security in a work from home scenario. He also talked about how we can design security architecture to deal with protecting data.   


10:45 am EST 22/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: Zero Trust and the role of UEM 

Abbas Kudrati, APAC Chief Cybersecurity Advisor at Microsoft talked about how we can stay on top of ransomware attacks and about the Zero Trust network architecture in detail. 


10:30 am EST 22/09/2021 @Breakout Sessions: Mental Wellness and welcoming employees back to the office 

Julie Alleyn, Founder and CEO of Pegasus Evo-Lution Inc., shared her seamless guide on prepping employees who are returning to the office and tips to ease the transition. 


10:25 am EST 22/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: There Is No Security Without Privacy 

If we are to protect people’s security, we must also protect their privacy. Fennel Aurora, Global Partner Product Advocate, Fsecure,  convinced us that it’s the right thing to do. 


10:00 am EST 22/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: Cyber hygiene with emphasis on password management and two-factor authentication 

Donald Allen, Amazon.com bestselling author and cybersecurity evangelist, gave an insight on the #1 thing you can do to protect yourself and your business from 90% of the automated cyberattacks. 


10:00 am EST 22/09/2021 @Keynote: Why trust in digital technology is the key to future innovation and adoption 

Matthew Rosenquist, CISO Eclipz.io Inc., gave an exciting take on how digital technology and security are interdependent! Find out more about how the rise of technology drives cybersecurity. 


9:45 am EST 22/9/2021

Check out the agenda for day 2 of HexCon21.


9:00 am EST 22/9/2021

HexCon21 day 2 starts in 1hr.


4:00 pm EST 21/9/2021

That’s a wrap for day 1. See you at 10 am EST tomorrow.


3:30 pm EST 21/9/2021 @Breakout Sessions: Burnout – The Greatest Threats to your Organization’s Security 

Burnouts are never a good thing. Chole Massdaghi, Founder of WeAreHackerz and a Growth Strategy Consultant talked about the ill effects burnouts can cause on the physical and mental health of an employee. 


3:00 pm EST 21/9/2021 @Industry Speakers: Mobile App Risks Lurking in the Public AppStores: What they are and What to do about it? 

Brian C Reed talked about the importance of maintaining security on mobile applications and the risks that can occur if these security measures are not implemented. The session also covered the ways in which the apps can protect by themselves  


2:55 pm EST 21/9/2021 @Industry Speakers: Emotional Mayhem: Psychology as a Weapon in Scams and Cybercrime 

Erich Kron, a Security Awareness Advocate in KnowBe4 gave an enlightening session on the role psychology plays in cybercrime. He stressed on the importance of conducting security awareness trainings and shared tips on how to make it more relevant. 


2:45 pm EST 21/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: The state of endpoint defense in 2021 

This eye-opening session of Adrian Sanabria covered some of the key points organizations need to be aware of namely – the state of endpoint threats, the state of endpoint defenses and the different strategies for success.  


2:30 pm EST 21/9/2021 @Industry Speakers: Corporate Breach: Your organization from the eyes of a hacker 

How do you keep corporate data safe? Mishaal Khan gave a brief overview of how publicly accessible information of organizations can be misused by competitors, nation-state attackers and disgruntled employees.


2:25 pm EST 21/09/2021 @Product Training: macOS Management 

Athira Surendran and Akhil Prasanna Kumar from the Product Consultant team at Hexnode shared some insightful tips on how to manage macOS devices within the enterprise.  


2:20 pm EST 21/9/2021 @Industry Speakers: To Trust or Not to Trust? Is there a new mindset about CyberSecurity using Zero Trust 

Filipi Pires gave an informative session on zero trust and briefly explained all the components that form a part of the zero trust framework. 


2:10 pm EST 21/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: Data is the New Oil 

What is Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAVs)? Barrie Kirk, P.Eng and Executive Director of CAVCOE talked about the impact CAVs could have on businesses, government and society. The session also covered the importance of data from CAVs and the importance of maintaining cybersecurity.  


2:05 pm EST 21/9/2021 @Industry Speakers: What’s new in Apple Management? 

In this session we got to hear Bradley Chambers take on what’s new in Apple device management and what it could mean for enterprises deploying mac devices. 


1:45 pm EST 21/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: Enterprise AppSec and Threat Modelling 

What is Threat Modelling? How do you use it to integrate security in your organization’s Software Development Lifecycle Policy (SDLP)? Jakub Kaluzny helped answer those questions and shared some insights on improving code quality and improving security on applications and systems. 


1:45 pm EST 21/9/2021 @Breakout Sessions: A More Natural Way to Become a Successful Leader 

How does gardening tie in with caring for an employee? John Loflin, shared some incredible insights on how to become a more successful and proactive leader. 


1:25 pm EST 21/9/2021 @Industry Speakers: Social Engineering, Teleworking and Risk Mitigation 

May-Brooks Kempler gave an insightful session on Social Engineering and the steps organizations need to implement to ensure they don’t become the next victims. 


1:15 pm EST 21/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: Surprising low-cost habits to achieve compliance and cybersecurity 

Adam Sbeta, a Security Analyst from CyberCrime Experts gave an informative session of the low-cost habits organizations can implement to mitigate the risk of cybercrimes and achieve compliance with industry standards. 


1:15 pm EST 21/9/2021 @Industry Speakers: How a Fish Tank was used to Hack a Casino: Lessons Learned from Modern Hacks 

How in the world was a fish tank used to hack into a casino? This session by Chuck Davis, a cybersecurity professional stressed on the importance of securing IoT devices and how vulnerabilities can be effectively identified and managed. 


1:10 pm EST 21/09/2021 @Product Training: Android Device Management 

Rohit CR and Akhil Prasanna Kumar’s session on efficiently managing Android devices with Hexnode offered a multitude of tips for organizations managing a large fleet of Android devices.   


12:55 pm EST 21/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: Different types of cyber attack and strategies for defense 

Roger Grimes answered some of the questions that has been there in the minds of CISOs for quite a while – understanding the motivation of hackers and implementing security measures to minimize the impact of hacker attacks.  


12:45 pm EST 21/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: The role of API security in digital transformation 

How vital are APIs in ensuring security? Andre Kerstens gave an informative session on the importance of APIs and the key role they play in building next-gen applications.  


12:40 pm EST 21/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: How identity thefts affect adults, children and seniors 

Dana Mantilia talked about the important role a BISO (Business Information Officer) played within an organization and how they help in bridging the gap between CISO and employees.  


12:10 pm EST 21/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: How Enterprises need to make Cybersecurity interesting and understandable for its audience  

How exactly do we fit in to the field cybersecurity? What do organizations need to do to spread the awareness of cybersecurity to its employees? Ian Murphy helped answer these questions and more with this insightful session.   


12:10 pm EST 21/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: Privacy in the Cloud at Financial Institutions 

Paul Lanois, a European technology and privacy professional at Fieldfisher discussed the challenges and benefits of adopting cloud-based solutions within financial institutions. 


12:00 pm EST 21/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: Eliminating the Blindspot in Cybersecurity: Human Factors 

Calvin Nobles, Ph.D., talked about the lack of awareness of human factors in cybersecurity and gave a closer look into the performance issues.  


11:30 am EST 21/09/2021 @Product Training: Windows Management 

Managing Windows devices shouldn’t be a complicated process. Vishnu Prasad and Oommen from the Product Consultant team at Hexnode discussed in depth how Windows can be managed within the enterprise.  


11:30 am EST 21/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: Enterprise Resiliency 

George Platsis gave an informative session on enterprise resiliency and shared some insightful tips on how this can be done.  


11:30 am EST 21/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: Device sieve IoT 

Bryson Bort, founder and CEO of Scythe talked about the basics of IoT and briefly touched on the vulnerabilities that comes with using these devices at work and at home. We also got to see some demonstrations of widely known IoT attacks to better understand how it works. 


11:20 am EST 21/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: Practical approach to product security and building a security focused organization 

What does it take to build an organization focused on security? Tamaghna Basu, CEO of DataSECURE shared some unique insights on the various measures organizations can implement to ensure the safety of their employees and corporate assets. 


11:00 am EST 21/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: The Human Element in Cybersecurity 

Johannes Drooghaag and his team in Spearhead Management helped answer some of the questions that neatly assesses the human element in cybersecurity and what organizations can do to improve their security infrastructure.   


10:45 am EST 21/09/2021 @Product Training: iOS Management 

Charisma and Akhil, from the Product Consultant team in Hexnode gave an information session on how iOS devices can be managed and the role UEM plays 


10:45 am EST 21/09/2021 @Keynote: Preparing for tomorrow’s cyberattacks today 

This informative session by Duncan McAllyn briefed about the approaches organizations can take to always stay one step ahead of cybercriminals.   


10:25 am EST 21/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: Getting API Security Right 

How secure are your APIs? Dr.Philippe De Ryck gave an informative session on why it’s critical to maintain the utmost security on your APIs. He also shared some tips that developers can implement within their codes to make it more secure. 


10:15 am EST 21/9/2021 @Keynote: Corporate Training 

How do you find the courage to face life’s challenges? Nick Vujicic shared some tips to on how employees can find inspiration and make their lives more fulfilling. 


10:05 am EST 21/09/2021 @Breakout Sessions: Building a Positive and Healthy Workplace 

Tammy Dunnett gave some inspiring tips on how to efficiently spot workplace bullies and provide employees the right atmosphere in which they can speak up.  


10:05 am EST 21/09/2021 @Industry Speakers: Transitioning from Healthcare to Cybersecurity 

Changing your career plans in no easy thing. Wendy Ng, a Cloud Security Architect Lead gave us an inspiring session that detailed her journey from working in the healthcare industry to cybersecurity. 


10:15 am EST 21/09/2021 @Keynote: A year of persistence 

HexCon 21 kicked off to a great start with an inspiring keynote by Hexnode’s board of directors about the various challenges faced in the past year and the effort everyone took as a team to overcome these hard times.   


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