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Jayden Traoré

Dec 2, 2020

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Thank you for tuning into HexCon20. See you again next year ? 

3:50 PM EST 12/03/2020 @ Keynote and Breakout sessions

Session: Closing Keynote – What’s Cooking? 

2020 has been a hectic year for us so far. We’ve definitely kept ourselves busy. We got an insider scoop on what’s boiling in the Hexnode kitchen with Apu Pavithran, CEO, Hexnode.

3:35 PM EST 12/03/2020 @ Keynote and Breakout sessions

Session: Are VPNs really secure?  

Almost every oraganization uses VPNs to secure the network traffic. But are they really secure? The session hosted by Levent Ozdayi, Value Added Services Manager, Logosoft A.Ş.  has the answer. 

3:30 PM EST 12/03/2020 @ Tales from Hexnode

Session: Virtual Reality: A vision for tomorrow 

Technology that lets you travel to the most picturesque locations, relive your cherished moments and see the unseen. Sounds exceptional, but what does it hold enterprise? We heard more about this with Anju P Product Consultant at Hexnode. 

3:10 PM EST 12/03/2020 @ Keynote and Breakout sessions

Session: Make the best out of Hexnode and Samsung

Samsung Knox has enabled enterprises to adopt Samsung devices for work with no compromise in security. Sunil Kumar Behera, Technical Account Manager at Samsung Electronics sat down with Sarika Abraham from Hexnode to discuss Samsung Knox in detail. 

3:10 PM EST 12/03/2020 @ Tales from Hexnode 

Session: Digital Transformation through IoT: Impact on businesses

The world of technology has grown to accommodate machine-to-machine communication. But have we, humans, grown enough to comprehend the real impact that this presents? Contemplate this with Venkat Raghavan, Product Consultant, Hexnode. 

2:50 PM EST 12/03/2020 @ Tales from Hexnode 

Session: KEXTs vs KEXTless: Which way to go? 

Is it time to go Kextles? Are System Extension, Network Extensions and DriverKits a better replacement? Here is Hexnode’s take on Apple’s latest Endpoint Security Framework, with Akshay Kiran, Product Evangelist at Hexnode. 

2:40 PM EST 12/03/2020 @ Keynote and Breakout sessions 

Session: Aiding secure logistics on the go 

The rapid growth in the use of mobile devices in freight management has contributed to an associated increase in productivity, cost reduction, and better customer experience. Unfortunately, this also implies a rise in complexity, potential data breach, and compliance disarray. Tune in with Vishnu Prasad to see how we can address these concerns. 

2:25 PM EST 12/03/2020 @ Tales from Hexnode 

Session:  Branding done right with Digital Signage 

In this session Akhil Prasanna Kumar, Product Consultant at Hexnode explains how digital signage can be done right with the help of Hexnode. 

2:10 PM EST 12/03/2020 @ Keynote and Breakout sessions  

Session:  Endpoint security: Best practices 

When a device is connected to internet, it is open to every threats, attacks and vulnerabilities out there if the required security practices are not followed. Dive into an informative session on endpoint security best practices with Bob Fabien. 

2:00 PM EST 12/03/2020 @ Tales from Hexnode 

Session: Keeping it confidential: DLP in the enterprise 

Your corporate data requires the highest grades of security. Data transit often lead to breaches and leaks. Prevent data loss by controlling the method and means of accessing corporate data. Learn more about DLP measures in this exclusive session by Aditya Anil, Product Consultant, Hexnode. 

1:50 PM EST 12/03/2020 @ Keynote and Breakout session

Session: Windows 10 through an enterprise lens

Let’s be honest; most Windows 10 updates are unnecessary, riddled with bugs, and a complete waste of time. However, this time around, Microsoft has added a few critical features for the enterprise. In this session by K I Oommen, Product Consultant, Hexnode, we’ll see what Microsoft has in store for us. 

1:40 PM EST 12/03/2020 @ Tales from Hexnode

Session:  Raise your tickets: Zendesk and Hexnode Integration 

Ticketing and remediation go hand in hand. So does Hexnode and Zendesk. See how Zendesk can add business value to your Hexnode implementations in this session by Riza Farheen, Senior Product Evangelist, Hexnode. 

1:40 PM EST 12/03/2020 @ Keynote and Breakout sessions 

Session: How to dramatically reduce your Enterprise Mobile expenses. 

Managing data usage is one of the tedious task that IT is burdened with. But it’s not a burden with the right tools. See how Hexnode helps enterprises to reduce mobile expenses dramatically in this session hosted by Amith Manoj, Senior Product Evangelist at Hexnode and Alex Dukhovny, Executive Vice President, Intratem. 

12:50 PM EST 12/03/2020 @ Tales from Hexnode

Session: Reimagining education in 2020: Take the leap with Hexnode

The pandemic has shaken things up in education. With technology seeping into every aspect of schooling, it seems like the quintessential chalkboard is on its way out. More on this topic will be discussed by Sharanya T P, Senior Marketing Associate at Hexnode. 

12:40 PM EST 12/03/2020 @ Tales from Hexnode

Session: Schedule, delay and automate: OS Update Management 

Manage your OS updates remotely with Hexnode. Schedule them for inactive hours or even delay them keeping your system as it is. How? Learn about it here in this exclusive session by Jibin George, Lead Quality Assurance Engineer at Hexnode. 

12:35 PM EST 12/03/2020 @ Training 

Session: Integrations and API 

Tackle the configuration of integrations and learn how to work with Hexnode APIs, in the session headed by Allan T Abraham, Product Consultant, Hexnode. 

12:30 PM EST 12/03/2020 @ Keynote and Breakout sessions 

Session:  SaaSOps: A new way to automate management tasks and protect data

The ‘New Normal’ has accelerated the adoption of cloud-based collaboration tools and the drive to be a Zero Trust Network model company. With the explosion of SaaS based tools comes the need to efficiently and effectively manage them, from on-boarding new users, to securing accounts for leavers. This is called SaaSOps. Learn more about it in this session by Colin McCarthy, VP, Global IT, Essence.

12:20 PM EST 12/03/2020 @  Tales from Hexnode

Session: Defend your desktop: Threat Management in Windows

Microsoft Defender is up to snuff and easy on the pockets, and setting it up with Hexnode is as easy as one-two-three. How? Listen to this exclusive session by Kamal S, Software Architect at Hexnode.

12:00 PM EST 12/03/2020 @ Keynote and Breakout sessions

Session: Essential Endpoint Management tips for Enterprises

Rohit CR, Customer Success Manager at Hexnode discusses tips and tricks regarding Endpoint management in enterprises.

12:00 PM EST 12/03/2020 @ Tales from Hexnode

Session: Form over function: Restrict device functionalities using OEMConfig

OEM Config has been here for some time now. Along with accelerating the reach of features into the market, it pulls off one of the most remarkable feats in Android device management history by bridging the gap between OEMs and the enterprise. Learn more about it with Vipin Govind, Software Architect at Hexnode.


11:45 AM EST 12/03/2020 @ Keynotes and Breakout sessions 

Session: A brief look at Desktop virtualisation

Virtual desktops have acquired more popularity in these pandemic times. Asad Siddiq, the director of Bounce Back Technologies, joins us to talk more about desktop virtualization. 


11:40 AM EST 12/03/2020 @ Keynotes and Breakout sessions 

Session: Hexperience of Sana’ Al-Sharaideh

Sana’ Al-Sharaideh is the Manager, ITC Research and Development at NatHealth that specializes in managing health insurance policies and other self-funded beneficial plans. Listen to how Sana implemented Hexnode. 


11:35 AM EST 12/03/2020 @ Tales from Hexnode 

Session: Intelligent tips to curb your expenses

With virtual meetings becoming the new normal, is telecom expense eating up a large chunk of your budget? Find out how you can cut down your expenses in this session by Nayana Jayakumar, Product Evangelist, Hexnode.


11:20 AM EST 12/03/2020 @ Keynotes and Breakout sessions 

Session: Endpoint security risks no one is talking about in 2020 

2020 has been one tough year. And to top it all, we have been forced to go virtual and work from home, opening up our endpoints to several risks. Listen to Joseph Steinberg speak about the unknown dangers your endpoints might be exposed to this year. 


11:15 AM EST 12/03/2020 @ Training 

Session: Windows Management 

Learn how to gain mastery over managing the ever so popular Windows platform with Hexnode in this session by Vishnu Prasad and Sai Krishnan R, Lead product consultants at Hexnode. 

11:10 AM EST 12/03/2020 @ Tales from Hexnode 

Session: Best practices for migration 

Partners, are your customers having a hard time with other MDMs? Ready to switch? Join Athira for a session on everything you need to know about migration. Isabella never gets tired of making new friends. 


11:06 AM EST 12/03/2020 @ Keynotes and Breakout sessions 

Session: Make the best out of your Kyocera devices with Hexnode 

In this session, Bill Veasy, Director of Enterprise Sales, Kyocera International, gave us insights on how Hexnode simplifies the management of Kyocera devices, one of the top set of rugged devices used by most businesses, by integrating with the high-level capabilities like OEMConfig. 


10:50 AM EST 12/03/2020 @ Keynote and Breakout sessions 

Session: A look at unconventional uses of Hexnode

This lively session hosted by Mikolaj Sikorski gave us a slice of Polish life and furthermore discussed endpoint management, data loss and more. 


10:50 AM EST 12/03/2020 @ Tales from Hexnode 

Session: Essential Endpoint Management tips for SMBs 

Varun Raveendran in session provided an insight into why SMBs actually require endpoint management. He put it the context of the current pandemic and also elucidated on how Hexnode can help SMBs at this point in time. 


10:25 AM EST 12/03/2020 @ Keynote and Breakout sessions 

Session: Leveraging the Microsoft cloud platform: Azure 
In his talk Steef-Jan Wiggers, Azure Technology Consultant gave tips on how to get started on cloud computing with regards to Microsft’s  Azure Platform. 


10:20 AM EST 12/03/2020 @ Tales from Hexnode 

Session: Dissecting iOS/iPadOS 14 for the enterprise 

Christy Francis, Product Consultant at Hexnode, in his session took a brief dive into the history of WWDC and Apple. He also chipped in with some knowledge regarding the enterprise features and consumer features that would be available in iOS/iPadOS 14.  


10:00 AM EST 12/03/2020 @ Tales from Hexnode 

Session: Making it simple: Hexnode’s roadmap to automation  

In this session, Pooja Anil, a product specialist at Hexnode gave us an insight on what automation is, automation within the workplace, the role of IT admins, automating tasks to make workflow easier and what was in store. 



10:00 AM EST 12/03/2020 @ Training 

Session: Mac Management 

This training session led by Athira Surendran and Sai Krishnan R, discussed the various nuances of Mac Management. They essentially gave us tips on how to be masters of this powerful device. 


10:00 AM EST 12/03/2020 @ Keynote and Breakout sessions 

Session: AppConfig: Setting the new standard for enterprise apps 

In this session Vishnu Prasad, Lead product consultant at Hexnode, discusses app configs across multiple platforms like iOS, Google Chrome, Outlook etc. He also comments on pushing app configs through OEMs.


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Thank You for tuning into day 1 of HexCon20. We will see you tomorrow with more sessions, games, and Hexnode!

4:15 pm EST 02/12/2020 @ Keynotes and Breakouts

Session: Workplace IoT meets secure endpoint management

IoT is no longer a stanger to us. Both at work and home, IoT has found its way to enhance user experience to a great extent. In this session, Jen Yong explained to us about managing workplace IoT with an endpoint management solution. Jen explained the use and benefits of cloud computing in the present pandemic.

3:45 pm EST 02/12/2020 @ Keynotes and Breakouts

Session: Financial sector security, explained

We got to know about the challenges faced by the financial sector during the pandemic and the measures that were taken by them to adjust to the remote work scenario. The session was informative and very well presented by Agoston DEIM CEO, Mind-Info kft.

3:20 pm EST 02/12/2020 @ Tales from Hexnode

Session: Remote Desktop Management: Because you move

Nikhil Saajan Product Consultant explained how to make IT go utterly hands-free with remote management for desktops. As a bonus we got a behind the scene glimpse of remotely troubleshooting a desktop.

3:15 pm EST 02/12/2020 @ Keynotes and Breakouts

Session: Out with the old: The modern PC management

Saikrishanan R Senior Product Consultant, explained why you should stretch a little extra and get rid of your traditional desktop management tools.

3:00 pm EST 02/12/2020 @ Tales from Hexnode

Session: How MDMs helped businesses adopt digital kiosk

Sarika Arbraham’s session regarding digital kiosks and how MDMs have helped businesses adopt them into their day to day was eye-opening. The session opened up new avenues regarding marketing, customer service, and branding with the help of digital kiosks.


2:45 pm EST 02/12/2020 @ Keynotes and Breakouts

Session: How our company dealt with unprecedented spikes in growth during the pandemic

Janice Claudia and TTransCita’s story was absolutely incredible. It was amazing to hear how Janice and her team navigated themselves through growth spikes that happened due to COVID-19 with the help of Hexnode.


2:40 pm EST 02/12/2020 @ Tales from Hexnode

Session: What Android 11 brings new to the table for enterprises

Sachin S Kakkattil, Product Evangelist at Hexnode explained where Google stands in the enterprise game with the Android Enterprise improvements and the all-new Android 11. He also covered updates that were relevant to normal day-to-day Android users as well.


2:20 pm EST 02/12/2020 @ Tales from Hexnode

Session: Remote Management for the mobile world

Neeraj OR Marketing Manager explained howHexnode can help to provide real-time assistance and remediation on the road.  He also covered the various aspects of remote management, including securing corporate data and even potential privacy concerns that arose due to remote control.

2:20 pm EST 02/12/2020 @ Keynotes and Breakouts

Session: Zero-touch onboarding: The hows of enrolling handsfree

Athira Surendran Manager, Customer Acquisition and Customer Happiness put together an exclusive session that guided us through the various nuances of Zero-Touch onboarding. She discussed zero-touch onboarding on various platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows. She also established that zero-touch onboarding as one of more the efficient ways to go about deploying a lot of devices in your organization.

2:20 pm EST 02/12/2020 @ Training

Session: Monitoring & Reporting/Admin Controls

KI Oomen’s session regarding the admin controls of Hexnode was very informative, especially for people who are new to the platform. He explained in plain and clear terms, the various features encompassed within the Admin controls.

1:00 pm EST 02/12/2020 @ Keynotes and Breakouts

Session: apple@work: Apple device management and endpoint security for fully remote teams

Bradley Chambers Author 9to5mac discussed Apple device management and endpoint security for fully remote teams. Topics that were discussed included device onboarding, app installation, network security, and device repairs.

12:50 pm EST 02/12/2020 @ Tales from Hexnode

Session: Let’s talk mental health

Raymond Anderson, gave us a talk on keeping your mental health in check during these stressful pandemic times. It was something that was worth listening to. 

12:30 pm EST 02/12/2020 @ Training

Session: IOS Management

Saikrishanan R and Akhil Prasanna Kumar, Product Consultants at Hexnode discussed how Apple’s OS for mobile devices is the best in class when it comes to iron-clad enterprise security and how Hexnode can help in managing this masterstroke of an OS with ease.

12:30 pm EST 02/12/2020 @ Tales from Hexnode

Session: chmod +x /ScriptWithHexnode.bash: Automation through scripting

Allan T Abraham, a Product Consultant at Hexnode, discussed tips to crack scripts and get rid of chmod in this highly intuitive and informative session.  

12:15 pm EST 02/12/2020 @ Keynotes and Breakouts

Session: High Stakes Social Engineering

We laughed a lot, we learned a LOT! Bray Seely turned out to be quite the storyteller during his session regarding high stakes social engineering. His stories from his professional life as a Cybersecurity expert and his personal life, enamored everyone. 

12:10 pm EST 02/12/2020 @ Tales from Hexnode

Session: Modern Auth: Azure, G Suite & Okta Integrations

Malavika Nair’s session regarding Modern Auth, discussed in detail how passwords were slowly but surely becoming obsolete. Malavika also explained in length about token-based authentication, which was very enlightening.

11:50 am EST 02/12/2020 @ Keynotes and Breakouts

Session: Encrypt to protect: Decoding FileVault and BitLocker

Rohit CR, the Customer Success Manager at Hexnode eased us into his session with a well-explained introduction to authentication. Furthermore, he explained the various types of encryption algorithms and finally gave a rather astute insight regarding the function of Filevault and Bitlocker.

11:30 am EST 02/12/2020 @ Tales from Hexnode

Session: Remote work: Enabling privacy and security

Amith Manoj, a Senior Product Evangelist at Hexnode, shed some light on insights provided by industry experts on establishing a secure remote work ecosystem and how Hexnode can help achieve the same in your organization.

11:10 am EST 02/12/2020 @ Keynotes and Breakouts

Session: Leading trends and the future of endpoint operations    

Gartner analyst, Manjunath Bhat, explained the future of endpoint management and provided insights into managing your enterprise efficiently.  


11:10 am EST 02/12/2020 @ Tales from Hexnode

Session: Hexnode API and mobile.care, a deep dive into Hexnode API   

Hexnode APIs helps Hexnode customers to expand its functionality and help steer the solution to their needs. Julien Fournier Co-founder and COO mobile.care (betoobe) sat down with Amith Manoj, Senior Product Evangelist at Hexnode, and went on to elaborate more regarding the capabilities of Hexnode APIs.

10:40 am EST 02/12/2020 @ Tales from Hexnode

Session: MacOS Big Sur: Big news for the enterprise  

Rohit CR, customer success manager at Hexnode, discussed new enterprise features that are coming in macOS Big Sur. Also, he concisely listed out how these changes would affect MDMs and what to look forward to when it comes to the Big Sur update.


10:35 am EST 02/12/2020 @ Keynotes and Breakouts

Session: Zero trust and the future of UEM 

Dr. Chase Cunningham aka Dr. Zero Trust sat down with Rachan Vijiayan, CMO & Director of Sales, Marketing and Channel Partnership, Hexnode to talk about Zero Trust and whether it is the future of enterprise security. 

10:30 am EST 02/12/2020 @ Training

Session: Android Management  

Allen T Abraham and Nikhil Saajan, Product consultants from Hexnode explained how to master the art of managing Android devices in the enterprise from legacy management to the latest Android Enterprise program. 


10:20 am EST 02/12/2020 @ Tales from Hexnode

Session: The healthy way to secure healthcare devices

Jonathan Garcia, customer success manager at Hexnode spoke about a perfect healthcare solution that strikes a balance between regulations, standards, and productivity. He gave emphasis on the current reality regarding the ongoing pandemic and how it has affected device management in the healthcare sector. He also went on to elucidate how Hexnode could help in such a scenario. 

10:00 am EST 02/12/2020 @ Keynotes and Breakouts

Session: While the world stands still

Our CEO, Apu Pavithran, addressed the Hexnode Community with his opening keynote speech.Rachana Vijayan(CMO & Director of Sales, Marketing and Channel Partnership), SahadM(Co-founder and CTO), and BijoPaulose(Co-founder and COO) join him to unveil a few surprises, which included the much-awaited news regarding the product revamp and the new UI. 


HexCon20 is Hexnode’s first-ever user conference, the agenda includes sessions that are designed to keep the guests engaged and entertained like keynote speeches, panel discussions, product demos, feature announcements, and the main highlights are the Hexnode certification program and eagerly anticipated product reveal.

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