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What is Knox Platform for Enterprise?

Knox Platform for Enterprise is a defense-grade security solution, that secures and manages Android and Tizen-run Samsung devices. KPE provides a comprehensive set of features that enhance data security and hardware integrity. Knox Platform is pre-installed on Samsung smartphones, tablets and wearables.

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KPE includes additional features that aim to achieve enterprise security and ease the life of IT admins, without compromising on their security goals. These features can be accessed with a Unified Endpoint Management solution for a smooth bulk deployment. These features include:

  • Device management: KPE’s comprehensive device management includes containerized workspace, remote management and application programming interface (APIs) that has full control of all the apps and settings
  • Advanced, granular security controls ensure a responsive and robust security management that keep the data on your device safe
  • Granular application controls
  • Advanced VPN and firewall with non-bypassable VPN, VPN chaining, VPN over tethering and HTTP Proxy over VPN that secure your devices
  • Control devices with hardware-level features only available for Knox
  • Multiple encryption levels and containerization, securing the sensitive data within your devices
  • Hardware-based protection that renders a device useless if tampering with certificates or kernels, is detected
  • All-round credential and certificate management

Knox Platform for Enterprise provide organizations a comprehensive set of security features that allow them to assess their security requirement. With Knox Platform for Enterprise in UEMs, IT admins are now equipped with features that ease the setup, deployment, security and overall management of Samsung devices within your organization.