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What is iOS User Enrollment?

Apple introduced User Enrollment to deploy BYODs or bring your own devices for device management solutions. This new enrollment would be available from iOS 13 onwards. With User Enrollment, the device is basically split into two containers: the personal container, which includes all of the user’s personal data and the work container, which includes only the managed data. The company will have control only over the work container and thus respect the user’s privacy. This work container or virtual volume of memory is called APFS volume or Apple File System volume.

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There are some pre-requisites to enroll an iOS or iPadOS device to an MDM using User Enrollment:

  • First, you should configure APNs on the device management portal.
  • Managed Apple IDs to authenticate the user for MDM management.
  • Ensure that the device is unsupervised and running iOS 13.0+ or iPadOS 13.1+.
  • Ensure that the Safari browser in your iOS/iPadOS device is in Mobile View to download the User Enrollment profile. One can download only the Device Enrollment profile if Safari is in Desktop Site View.

You can proceed with iOS user enrollment if all these requirements are met. First, set up the device management platform, then authenticate the Managed Apple ID with valid credentials and download the device management profile. Once the profile is downloaded, it has to be approved and installed by the user. Not all device management features will be available, and the organization can manage only within the confined space assigned for work. If a lot of your employees are using personal devices for work, iOS user enrollment is perfect for you.