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How do you check data usage on iPhone and iPad?

Tracking and controlling your data consumption saves you a lot of money. So, it is essential to know how to track your data consumption. Now the question is, how do you check data usage on iPhone and iPad? iOS and iPadOS users can view their personal data consumption in the device settings. This will show how much data the apps are using individually.

The steps for iOS/iPadOS data tracking are as follows:

  • Open Settings on iPad or iPhone.
  • Tap on Mobile Data if you are an iPhone user or Cellular Data if you are an iPad user.
  • Selecting the Current Period option will show how long the cellular data has been running at a stretch.
  • Open the Usage option to see how much data you have consumed based on your current plan.
  • If you want to restrict apps from using cellular data, you can do that by turning off the green button present beside each of the apps.
  • When the cellular data is off, apps will consume only Wi-Fi data.
  • The data consumed by system services can be checked by tapping System Services in the app list.
  • Users can also reset the statistics by tapping on the Reset Statistics button.

At present, iOS and iPadOS does not have an inbuilt feature that allows users to view the Wi-Fi data consumption of individual apps. Users can use third-party apps like DataFlow to keep track of their data consumption history.

Data tracking by IT admins

Organizations wouldn’t want employees to use the data for non-work-related activities. So, they need to keep a check on the data consumed on each of their managed devices. Checking individual devices is a herculean task. The IT admins can monitor the data usage of all devices using a UEM solution. Hexnode UEM offers a data management solution that allows you to make iOS data tracking easier. It also helps to control and monitor the data utilized by iOS devices registered in the UEM console. Additionally, users will be able to monitor individual mobile data and Wi-Fi data consumption, allowing administrators to analyze detailed data.

Hexnode’s Network usage rules for iOS devices allow organizations to restrict cellular data or roaming data usage by apps installed via the UEM. This may be configured using the Expense Management policy.

Once the policies are paired with the devices, the Data Management tab displays a data use summary for each device. Additionally, administrators can manually export these data management reports as PDF or CSV files.