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What is Android OEMConfig?

When it comes to Android the number of phones in the market is countless, managing each type of device can be different and each smartphone manufacturer would want to have their own management capabilities. 

Android OEMConfig is a custom application developed by OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer). These apps can be used to manage device functionalities using the Android Enterprise Managed app configurations. 

OEMConfig applications are developed by the OEMs specific for their devices and hosted on the Managed Google Play. OEMConfig apps can be pushed to devices with the help of UEMs like Hexnode. 

After the OEMConfig app is pushed onto devices UEM can be used to change the app configurations. Each app configuration in OEMConfig apps might correspond to a device attribute and any change in the configuration will change the corresponding device attribute. 

Android enterprise offers basic level functionalities but the OEMConfig app offers extremely granular control over the device hardware and software.  

OEMConfig has a zero-day support feature, which means the OEM can publish its OEM app in line with the device update.