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What is a work profile in Android?

In the times when remote work is not an option but a necessity, BYOD devices for work are on the rise, this helps both the enterprises cut down on costs and the user from having the hassle of dealing with two devices. 

Android Work Profile is a great way to segregate your work apps and personal apps. A work profile can be set up manually or with the help of a UEM solution like Hexnode.   

Enabling a work profile in an Android device places the work data within a container, which prevents any accidental data leaks by the employee. The organization also gains control over all the applications and data within this container. The blacklisting or whitelisting feature can be used to restrict the work apps within the profile. The organization can remotely apply configurations to control the functionalities inside the work profile.  

Work profile can be protected with a pin or pattern lock, which can be the same as the device lock. The work apps are marked with a briefcase icon, which helps distinguish them from personal apps.