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What is Android Enterprise Recommended?

Figuring out a device or management solution for an organization is always a tedious task and when it comes to Android it’s even more difficult since there are a lot of options. Google came up with the Android Enterprise Recommended program to ease the task of choosing Android devices and device management solutions for organizations.

With this program Google aims at making Android platform more enterprise-friendly and for that, Google came up with a set of requirements for devices, EMMs and MSPs that are essential for enterprises to manage their devices. Android Enterprise Recommended program provides a list of devices, EMMs and MSPs that satisfy these requirements.

In fact, Android Enterprise Recommended acts as a stamp of approval for devices and management solutions straight from Google. Android Enterprise Recommended requirements, make it possible for organizations to find out if EMMs provide basic Android Enterprise functionalities like, work profile management, full device management and dedicated device management.

Google recognizes EMMs as Enterprise Recommended only if they provide detailed documents or guides on Android Enterprise features provided by the EMM. Google mandates that the EMMs must have support staff specially trained to handle Android Enterprise related issues to get the recommended badge. Using Google’s Android Enterprise Recommended program organizations could find out Android devices and device management solution that would be best suited for their needs.