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What does device management do on iPhone?

A Mobile Device Management solution like Hexnode helps enterprises configure and deploy corporate iPhones to their employees remotely. Using Hexnode, enterprises can enable supervision for iOS devices. This is done by either deploying configuration profiles with the Apple Configurator 2 app, or by configuring them via Apple DEP.

Simplify iPhone management with Hexnode

Supervision is like a superpower that unlocks the ability to set up advanced policies and restrictions, to secure and manage your iOS devices. Using Hexnode, enterprises can set up rules to –

  • Configure Security Settings
  • Manage Apps and Content
  • Push Network Configurations
  • Set up Data Management Policies

On setting up supervision for your iOS devices, you can apply additional configurations and restrictions for your managed iPhones, such as,

  • Set up Kiosk Mode
  • Set up Managed Containers
  • Bypass Activation Lock
  • Enable Web Content Filtering
  • Delay OS Updates
  • Customize home screen layouts