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How UEM helps in Telecom Expense Management

Telecom Expense Management (TEM) is the process of managing and keeping track of various wireless, voice, and data services to understand the total telecom costs. It offers many features that help Admins to optimize the usage of telecom resources available to the organization. It also helps to reduce expenses, introduce new efficiencies, increase visibility and provide better control for telecom services. 

Unsupervised usage of mobile devices with access to non-business apps can distract the staff and tempt them to engage in unwanted activities, this can lead to financial waste. Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solutions like Hexnode offer a network usage management suite to admins. Admins can use this feature to control data expenses in the organization.   

Explore Telecom Expense Management with Hexnode

Data Usage Management for Android by Hexnode helps admins to keep track of mobile data usage remotely.They will get full visibility to Mobile data, Wi-Fi data, and total content usage of each device. With the data management functionality present in the Hexnode UEM console, the admin can view data consumption on a per-app basis. Admins can set data usage limits for individual devices. Hexnode can be configured to send alert notifications to employees and admins via e-mail when mobile data usage crosses the set limit.  

Hexnode offers the following features for Android Devices:   

  • Data usage tracking  
  • Network & data usage restrictions: Restrict the apps on the device from using Wi-Fi data and/or mobile data.  
  • Data Usage Notifications: Selectively notify the users and admin via email when the Wi-Fi data and mobile data exceeds a set limit.  
  • Data Usage Restrictions: Restrict and notify the users and admin when the device exceeds the allowed data limit.  

Hexnode has network usage rules for iOS devices that allow admins to monitor data usage of managed apps.These apps can be restricted to using cellular data or roaming data. It helps the admin maintain granular levels of control as it allows to set different rules for different apps as needed.   

Hexnode also has additional data management reports feature that provides admins insight into the data usage of individual devices, device groups, or apps.