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How to setup a VPN for iPhone?

There are two main ways to setup a VPN for iPhone.  

  • Using 3rd party apps 
  • Manual VPN configuration 

Using 3rd party apps is the easiest choice. It requires you to install any trusted VPN app from the App Store and follow the steps when the app is launched. 

The second way is to configure a VPN manually. For this, 

  1. Go to Settings > General > VPN & Device Management 
  2. Click on Add VPN configuration 
  3. Choose the VPN type 
  4. Fill in the required information 
  5. Choose the type of proxy and click Done 

Now that the VPN is configured you can turn it on or off from VPN & Device Management. 

For an organization, using a UEM service will enable them to configure the VPN for an iPhone remotely. For example, in Hexnode UEM, you can provide all the required VPN configurations and push them to the target device.  

You can also setup Per-App VPN with UEM. Which means that you can configure VPN separately for different applications but only work for the apps that are installed and managed by that specific UEM. The apps must also be built using Cacao framework and use standard network APIs. Admins also get to configure Per-App VPN On Demand to automatically establish VPN connections for particular domains.  

For Per-App VPN in Hexnode 

  1. Add required apps and domains for which the VPN should trigger 
  2. Configure settings 
  3. Choose the proxy type 
  4. Save and push the policy to target device.  

All the apps and domains added to this policy trigger the configured VPN whenever they are opened. This helps in separating organizational data form personal data by segregating traffic at app level.