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How to retrieve feedbacks from OEMConfig apps?

OEMConfig apps are applications developed by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to help IT admins manage device functionalities using Android Enterprise Managed app configurations. When using Managed App Configuration with OEMConfig apps, determining whether or not the configurations have been correctly deployed to the device is quite challenging. In 2019, Android announced the App feedback channel as a way for apps to communicate the configuration status to the end-user. 

The working of the feedback channel goes like this: 

  • First, a configuration is deployed to the device through an EMM or UEM. 
  • The app attempts to apply the configurations. For each configuration, the app sends a keyed app state indicating its status 
  • To view these keyed app states, you retrieve a device report.
  • Using information from the keyed app states, your EMM console displays the status of the managed configurations

Feedbacks from OEMConfig apps are also similar to this; the only difference is that each configuration sent corresponds to a device functionality, and the feedback helps the admins know whether or not a device functionality is properly configured. 

Hexnode can help you retrieve app feedback very easily. Just select the device for which the app feedback is required, select the app and request feedback.