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How to create and manage private apps for Android Enterprise?

In late 2018, Google came up with a new way of supporting private or in-house apps in Google Play iFrame. With this method, Google aimed at eliminating the problems associated with uploading a private app to the Google Play console.

The new feature introduced by Google would let organizations upload and host private apps only for their organization. But a primary requirement for this feature is a UEM. This new method is very simple as it is a 2-step process and requires only an app name and an APK file.

The process is pretty straightforward. First, the app has to be uploaded to the iFrame. After a while, the app is ready to get deployed and can be pushed to devices through a UEM. In the iFrame window, there is a section called Private apps, where you are provided with an option to add a new app. Once the option is clicked, the app name has to be given and the APK is to be uploaded. Once done the app is uploaded to the console and will be available shortly.