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How do I turn on work profile in Android?

Work Profile is enabled on BYOD devices to separate work data from personal data. This can prevent accidental data leaks through the employee’s device. Work profile creates a container, from which the work apps and data can be accessed. All the data within this container can be managed by the organization.  

You can enable a work profile on your Android device from settings menu. If there is no work profile option under settings, then go to accounts and you can find the option to enable the work profile from there. You can disable the same from this menu.  

The work profile can be activated by using a UEM solution like Hexnode via Android Enterprise. Doing so allows your device to be managed by Hexnode under the profile owner mode. To enable work profile via Hexnode follow these steps.  

  • Subscribe to Hexnode’s free trial  
  • Set up your organization in Android Enterprise  
  • Download and open the Hexnode for Work App  
  • Scan the enrollment QR code  
  • Follow and complete the setup wizard  

After the setup is complete, the device will be enrolled under Hexnode with its work profile enabled.