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Before beginning with the device management process, you need to configure the basic settings. Admin tab is where you configure the settings globally for your Hexnode portal. It ranges from the general settings to configuring Apple Business Manager/Apple School Manager. Tune in to see more!



To begin with device management, you need to register your devices with the Hexnode console. This demo video guides you through the process of registering the devices with the UEM console, referred to as enrollment. In the end, you’ll get an overview of the different enrollment approaches and can choose the one best suited for you.

App Management

UEM, Apps

Do you want to deploy apps, manage their configurations and permissions, and create custom app groups and catalogs, all from a single portal? Then, tune in to learn more about Hexnode’s advanced app management features.

Android Single-app Kiosk


Corporate Owned single-use applications or single-use devices are commonplace these days. Conventionally, referred to as kiosks, these devices are configured with a single application such that the user is unable to exit the app or access any other settings or data. This session on Single App kiosk mode for Android devices walks you through the settings and configurations that can be customized for single app kiosks from the Hexnode console.

Device Management


This section encapsulates a set of features to remotely manage various devices and users in your console. Manage tab is the house of all the users/devices/groups in the Hexnode console. Tune in to know more!

Android Multi-app Kiosk


What makes a multi-app kiosk? Multi app kiosk is a lockdown mechanism that restricts the device functionality to a specified set of applications. Multi app kiosk modifies a device’s default behavior with custom configurations to deploy them as special-purpose devices. This session familiarises you with the concept of multi-app kiosk mode on Android devices.

APNs Configuration

iOS, Mac

Apple’s OS is the best when it comes to iron-clad enterprise security. Managing these Apple’s line of products using Hexnode UEM relies on Apple Push Notification service (APNs). APNs streamline the communication between your managed devices and the Hexnode UEM server. Get to know how to configure APNs to enroll and manage Apple devices in Hexnode.

Creating WebClips


Many often, enterprises need to make their weblinks instantly accessible on the home screen of their managed iPhones and iPads. But, without enforcing kiosks or requiring your users to open the browser every single time, how can you achieve it in one go? Introducing you the Web Clips feature which lets you add your website on the home screen that’ll look just like an app among all the other apps on the device. But the functionality doesn’t limit itself to web links. Tune in to discover the extensive use cases of web clips that can be leveraged using Hexnode UEM.

Automation with scripts

Mac, Windows

Are you tired of performing a whole lot of convoluted device management processes repeatedly? Would you like another method of running distinct processes in addition to what a UEM carries out natively? Here is the solution with Hexnode UEM, where you can execute custom scripts remotely. Create custom scripts when you have the same set of commands to execute. Scripting takes away the overhead of managing repeated jobs across an overwhelming amount of devices. Once you get the hang of it, you can get everything done, from installing apps to troubleshooting systems. Scripts open up yet another possibility on automating tasks. Here’s to the concept of ‘Automation with scripts’.

All about managing corporate owned devices

iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Webinars

Get insights on how to manage corporate-owned Android, iOS, Windows and Mac with Hexnode. Discover the available features to secure your endpoints and maintain the integrity of company data through data encryption, privileged access and much more. Catch up on the latest trends in the world of corporate device management with this session.

Automate Mac and PC management with custom scripts and Hexnode

Mac, Windows, Webinars

Leverage the full potential of automation using custom scripts on your Mac and Windows devices with Hexnode. Automation aids work-life balance and improves the quality of life for every IT admin. Adding scripting to your skills is an integral step towards being up to date for workplace challenges. Learn how easy scripting is with Hexnode, break down common challenges faced and run some basic scripts to delve deeper into IT automation.

Android Enterprise Onboarding

Android, Webinars

Enterprise data protection and device security are no joke. A simple breach could put your organization at serious risk. This is where Android Enterprise can help. With a ton of security features, Android Enterprise simplifies the management of your Android devices. In this webinar, Nick will show you how to get started with Android Enterprise to better manage and control your devices. Here are some of the main talking points:

  • Enrolling your organization in Android Enterprise.
  • Setting up BYOD.
  • Provisioning corporate-owned devices with Android Enterprise.
  • Configuring Android Enterprise with your G Suite account.

OS Update Management


Imagine this: You get a popup notifying you of an OS update ready to download; you ignore it or maybe hit that ‘Remind me later’ button. Does it ring a bell? Well, you shouldn’t do that anymore. Delaying important OS updates can make your devices susceptible to malware attacks which is just not worth the risk of the time you'd be saving on postponing the updates. Moreover, it’s only best that you keep your devices updated to improve system stability, fix up any security holes and get access to all the latest features. We understand that managing OS updates across all your endpoints might be time-consuming and sometimes annoying. That is why we have put together a webinar, where Lucas will explain how you can simplify the process of managing OS updates on your devices using Hexnode. What you will learn:

  • How to manage OS updates on Android, iOS & macOS devices.
  • How to trigger OS updates on the devices remotely.
  • How to schedule OS updates on the devices, even in kiosk mode.

HEXCON21 – Windows management

Product Training, Windows

It is no surprise that Windows PCs and laptops are a predominant presence in organizational and private spaces. From onboarding devices and users to configuring policies across various Windows 10 endpoints, IT businesses of all sizes face an ever-increasing level of administrative complexity and costs. Admins must juggle more security and administrative chores now more than ever. Hear from the Experts and get ready to master the basics of managing Windows 10 PCs & Tablets in a more secure and unified way using Hexnode UEM!

Branding DONE RIGHT with digital signage

Android, Webinars

Looking for a better way to improve brand awareness and customer experience? Hexnode provides the perfect platform to set up digital signage on your endpoints to publish targeted messages, announcements, branding content, and much more. Unlock brand-new add-ons provided by Hexnode to enhance customer interaction and deliver flexible content.

Desktop management


Managing your PCs using traditional desktop management tools has never been an easy task for IT admins. How has the desktop management industry grown over time? Tune in to find out more.

Platform Overview


Looking for a session to get a quick overview of the complete functionalities in Hexnode UEM? Here you go! This demo video guides you through the various platforms and helps you quickly set up Hexnode UEM to manage your endpoints seamlessly. What to wait now? Get Started with Hexnode here!

HEXCON21 – iOS management

Product Training, iOS

Hexnode allows users to manage almost all major operating systems, including iOS. Manage your iOS devices much more quickly with this brief session by our industry experts.

All about modern Mac management strategies

Mac, Webinars

Macs have become increasingly popular in the enterprise market over the last few years. What triggered this? How can organizations handle this transition and manage the employee devices to ensure a smooth business operation? Watch the webinar and learn about:

  • Hexnode’s variety of Mac enrollment options to meet every enterprise requirements.
  • Managing devices with zero-touch management features such as pre-configured corporate profiles and restrictions that control device functionality.
  • Customizing the device screen and OS functionality to make your Mac enterprise-ready.
  • Volume Purchase Program (VPP) to purchase apps in bulk and distribute them to users remotely.

Data breaches that render your firewall useless


Armored for cyberattacks? Physical data breaches could be your Achilles heel! Insider attacks could be the Trojan horse that brings you down. In this webinar, we discuss the best practices to secure your devices and data, the role of data loss prevention software, and the significance of encryption.

Desktop encryption

Mac, Windows

Cast the most challenging spell of encryption to protect your desktops from data breaches. Learn from the best security professionals on how to secure your corporate data and scramble your files to obscurity with FileVault and BitLocker!

HEXCON21 – Android Management

Product Training, Android

Hexnode’s Android Management has a vast ocean of configurations for your Android devices. The possibilities are almost endless, from Kiosk Mode to Advanced Restrictions to Security Configurations. Leave no device unmanaged. Sit back and receive an education from the finest in the industry on Android Device Management.

Managing Android BYOD made easy with Hexnode

Android, Webinars

Explore the latest trends in managing personal devices for work. Ensure data security and increased productivity by efficiently managing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Android devices. Hexnode provides an array of features to secure company data while maintaining user privacy by partitioning user data. Additionally, restrict access to company apps and data to authorized users only. Explore the latest trends in managing personal devices for work through this webinar.

HEXCON20 – Mac Management

Product Training, Mac

As businesses progressively adopt Apple devices to meet user preferences and changing business requirements, the value placed on Apple device support is rising in lockstep. Faced with this increased need for assistance, IT needs a clearer, broader picture of what’s going on in the environment, a more in-depth look at the vulnerabilities and visibility into how devices are being used. The rising trend has been to manage Apple devices as part of unified endpoint management (UEM). With Hexnode UEM, take advantage of the latest Apple features and enjoy support for macOS like never before. Sit tight and master the multi-layered management features Hexnode has to offer!

Everything Hexnode: Product Walkthrough Part 2

Mac, Windows, Webinars

The second edition of the two-part webinar series covers everything there is to know about managing Mac, Apple TV and Windows devices. Watch and learn about:

  • Different enrollment options, ranging from no-touch to no-authentication, to suit the unique needs of every enterprise.
  • Restricted browsing modes and advanced network restrictions, which can protect your devices from malware and threats.
  • Management, deployment and restriction of applications.
  • Turning devices into purpose-specific machines with the Kiosk Lockdown feature.
  • Securing corporate data with data encryption using BitLocker (Windows) and FileVault( Mac).
  • Preventing data breaches and easily accessing corporate data with Identity and Access Management.
  • Security management features such as mandatory password rules, configuration profile deployment, and much more!

Aiding digital adoption


The ever-evolving need for digital kiosks in today’s dynamic business climate cannot be overemphasized. What was once deployed as ATMs or vending machines is now being embraced everywhere, including commercial and business ecosystems. As kiosks are gaining more popularity, is your organization capable of upkeeping such devices carrying confidential corporate information? Join hands with Hexnode UEM to simplify the convoluted process of transforming endpoints into digital kiosks. It comes powered by a fully-fledged kiosk solution with intelligent workflows and automated tools that help improve employee productivity, reduce data overages, enhance corporate data security, and whatnot.

HEXCON20 – Windows Management

Product Training, Windows

Businesses streamlining corporate and employee-owned Windows 10 devices are already gaining the competitive upper hand. With a comprehensive UEM solution like Hexnode, manage and secure Windows 10 endpoints remotely and obtain a complete view over your entire fleet from a single console. Listen to our experts and gain mastery over managing the ever-so-popular Windows platform with Hexnode!

HEXCON21 – macOS management

Product Training, Mac

Hexnode provides a seamless Mac management experience. From zero-touch enrollments and app configurations to deploying scripts and customizations, get trained in Hexnode’s macOS management with the best in the industry.

Modern Mac Management

Mac, Webinars

As Apple keeps rolling out new features to their Mac lineup, we’ve been working on some innovations of our own. This webinar will get you all excited about the new features that we’ve brought to the table for managing your modern macOS devices. Watch on as Reuben talks about: Zero-touch enrollment of corporate devices. Providing secured access to corporate content and applications. Setting up corporate emails, VPNs and other configurations. The new Hexnode app, macOS scripting, Active Directory binding, and much more!

Kiosk Lockdown Demo


You can make effective use of corporate devices deployed for work using Hexnode’s kiosk lockdown functionality. Restricting the devices to a handful of applications configures the endpoints as dedicated devices for business purposes. Want to learn more about the kiosk lockdown mechanism? This webinar presents you with a complete demo on the multi-platform kiosk management functionality and the different ways of customizing kiosks from Hexnode.

HEXCON20 – iOS Management

Product Training, iOS

As tech lovers, we’ve got to admit that when it comes to iron-clad enterprise security, iOS is the finest in class. When combined with the right management solution, it unlocks a whole new world of management capabilities for your enterprise. With Hexnode UEM, you can leverage a wide array of features to go beyond conventional provisioning and monitoring to expedite iOS Management. Buckle in and let our maestros take you through iOS management effortlessly!

HEXCON20 – Android Management

Product Training, Android

From sporting open-source code to orchestrating features in mobile technology, Android plays a predominant role in the mobile world. Trusted by thousands of IT Experts as their preferred Android Management Solution, Hexnode takes care of the complete lifecycle of any device above Android 4.1. With Hexnode UEM, set up secure management over corporate and personal devices, from legacy management to the latest Android Enterprise program. Get ready to unlock a world full of potential in Android device management with the Hexnode Experts!

Everything Hexnode: Product Walkthrough Part 1

iOS, Android, Webinars

Want to know everything about Hexnode? We have set up a two-part webinar series to walk you through the process of completely managing your iOS and Android devices. In the first edition, watch Robert explain:

  • The importance of Unified Endpoint Management in the enterprise and different aspects of UEM other than Mobile Device Management.
  • Everything about managing devices, including variety of enrollment options ideal for small-scale and large-scale organizations.
  • Securing your business with Hexnode's management capabilities that include Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Application Management (MAM), Mobile Security Management (MSM), Mobile Content Management (MCM), Mobile Identity Management (MIM), and Kiosk management.

Modern PC management


Remote Work is definitely revolutionizing the way we work. Why not get rid of your traditional desktop management tools to cope with the evolving industry!

Managing Windows 10


Ever since the launch of Windows, it has been the backbone of many global businesses. Although macOS and Linux seem to increase popularity over the last decade, Windows is still the platform over a billion people rely upon. It just took the PC market by storm! Tune in to this demo to know what Windows has in store for you with its enticing new releases ideally catered to meet your growing workplace needs. Master the art of managing the ever-so-popular Windows platform with the award-winning UEM solution – Hexnode.

Integrations and API


Integrations and APIs add value to a business in terms of scalability and ease of access. Jump in and learn how to tackle integrations and work with Hexnode APIs.

Hexnode integrates with Okta, G Suite and Office 365


We keep extending our list of valuable integrations wherever possible so that our customers experience only the best! Our latest integrations with Okta, G Suite and Office 365 allows you to simplify your device enrollment and user management operations in the Hexnode portal. In this webinar, Jennifer gives you an in-depth analysis of what you can achieve with these integrations. Some of the interesting talking points that’ll be covered:

  • Integrating Hexnode with Okta, G Suite and Office 365.
  • Enrolling users in Hexnode directly from your directory services.
  • Single sign-on (SSO) capabilities and much more.



Want to seamlessly generate reports for all your devices, users and activities? Hexnode UEM lets you generate a wide range of reports for devices, users and granular reports for specific actions and events. Learn more about Hexnode’s Report Management system in this video.

Hexnode Integrations: Okta

Product Training

For a long time, organizations have faced challenges while maintaining user accounts as well as providing access to corporate data for multiple accounts, which increases security risks tenfold. With the help of Okta integration, Unified Endpoint Management solutions like Hexnode can efficiently provide secure access to corporate data and apps.

Zero-Touch Enrollment


Get to know the how’s of enrolling devices handsfree. Zero-touch onboarding brings about a consistent approach to automated device provisioning and administration. Considering the substantial expense in time and effort for manual provisioning, it is a much faster onboarding method. Automated enrollment techniques are the most user-friendly of all device enrollment techniques since they have the most negligible chances of configuration errors. That is to say; you may even ship them across your organizational units worldwide and have the employees open the box to get started instantaneously. Hexnode presents you with various onboarding techniques for all major device platforms without any user intervention.

Policy Configuration


Policy management helps in assigning device management profiles to your endpoints over the air. Organizations need to implement an effective UEM policy to manage and monitor the endpoints and to ensure that their employees are using them on the right track. Tune in to learn more!

Modern Windows Management

Windows, Webinars

Curious about Hexnode’s latest features to manage modern Windows devices? Dive into this webinar to watch Jennifer talk about:

  • Securing Windows devices with the help of the BitLocker policy.
  • Hexnode’s kiosk mode to lockdown your Windows devices and hence streamlines employee efficiency.
  • Remotely configuring Wi-Fi, VPN, and email on your endpoint devices with our curated Windows policies.



Hexnode dashboard gives a quick overview of the entire fleet of devices managed by Hexnode. The integrated dashboard is a centralized model which logs all the activities happening within the console and helps in monitoring the organization's assets through a single pane of glass. This demo walks you through the different dashboard sections and explains everything along the way.

Switching to Hexnode just got easier

Product Training, Mac

Are you satisfied with your current device management solution? Feel like you want to make a change to a more reliable option? Then, Hexnode might be the one for you. By the end of this session, you will learn how to migrate all your existing devices enrolled with your current provider over to Hexnode and experience the perks of Hexode UEM from the get-go.

Monitoring & Reporting/Admin Controls

Product Training

Tired of navigating through web pages with settings scattered all over the place? At Hexnode, we have designed and curated the Admin Panel by clearing all the clutter away and providing you with the settings you really want. We’ve got you covered right from General settings to API and Integrations and so much more. Buckle in and let us unravel Admin Controls for you!

Threat Management


Continually evolving social engineering attacks, zero-day vulnerabilities or misconfigurations urges the need to have an effective threat management solution in place. Traditional desktop tools that manage and secure your Windows devices will cost you a fair amount and can be quite daunting. Get on board with Hexnode to fortify your Windows ecosystem with its extensive threat management capabilities, including antivirus management, firewall and network protection, hardware and device security, OS update management, and much more.

What’s in store for Android 11?

Android, Webinars

Android, the operating system we know and love, brings you a new set of updates with Android 11. Improved security and privacy features with data access APIs and 5G support capabilities for apps are just a few of the surprises set for your improved user experience. Tune in to listen to our experts to learn more.

Website Kiosk Lockdown with Hexnode

iOS, Android, Kiosk, Webinars

Today, kiosks are used in almost every business environment. What was once primarily used in the advertising industry has found its way into an increasing number of other industries. This webinar will show you how to make website kiosks work for your industry and why Hexnode is a superior alternative for your kiosks. Here are some of the interesting points Jonathan covers:

  • Benefits and applications of website kiosks in the workplace.
  • Key features which help improve the capabilities of kiosk devices.
  • Configuring Android or iOS kiosks with Hexnode UEM.
  • Setting up web-based applications on your kiosks.

How to get Android Enterprise to work for your business

Android, Webinars

The usage of Android devices by enterprises is on the rise due to the ever-increasing business demands. However, the effective management of a surfeit of Android devices has its own set of challenges. This webinar will help you clear the clutter as you'll learn about how Hexnode and Android Enterprise helps your enterprise get the best out of managed Android devices.

UEM for Healthcare


The use of paperwork, case sheets, or clipboards for monitoring and managing healthcare workflows is so old-school. Now, with the pandemic taking a toll on the healthcare sector, data tracking, patient monitoring, health records collection, and work management demands cutting-edge technologies and innovations. The good news is Hexnode offers the perfect healthcare UEM solution to strike the perfect balance between regulations, standards and productivity. Tune in to see how Hexnode hits this sweet spot to manage and secure healthcare devices for speedy consultation, diagnosis, and treatment.

Enable and secure remote work with Hexnode


With remote work being the new normal, it’s essential that you put in place a secure & well-protected WFH infrastructure to ensure sustainable business continuity. You would need to find a system that’s working for your organization and this would involve a lot of planning and trial runs. With Hexnode UEM, you can get your remote work system up and running in no time! Excited to learn more? Join this webinar and watch Jennifer talk about:

  • Zero-touch enrollment of corporate-owned devices.
  • Configuring corporate emails, VPNs, LDAPs and other necessary settings.
  • Providing secured access to corporate apps and content.
  • Remotely troubleshooting your device.
...and much more!

Tips for the enterprise


While organizations look for every possible way to efficiently manage their mobile workplace environment, integration with a mobile device management platform becomes indispensable. Enterprises heavily rely on UEMs in implementing their enterprise mobility strategy. Familiarize yourself as this session walks you through the following topics:

  • Things to consider before you get started with an MDM
  • Tips when choosing an MDM
  • Best practices while using an MDM

Let’s talk Hexnode: Episode 1


At Hexnode, we come up with strategies hand in hand with our partners. They are part of our habit of innovation and idea cultivation. “Let's talk Hexnode” sets a stage for our partners to exhibit their unique perspectives and learn more about Hexnode. In conversation with Matt, we learn about his twenty-five years of work experience insight in Mobile Device Management, his experience implementing Hexnode in the Healthcare industry and how Hexnode solved problems he faced from other MDMs.

Scripting for automated device management

Mac, Windows

Ever feel like you want to make your device management tasks a little easier? Perform often tedious functions with just a couple of clicks. With the help of scripting, you can automate your device management tasks. Learn to deploy tasks and automate tasks with Hexnode UEM.

Quick management options for Hexnode


Want to get quick access to your device management options? Your go-to place to execute actions like device lockdown, device wipe and enable lost mode for security. Hexnode provides multiple device actions to get things done faster. Do compliance scans and even broadcast messages to users with ease.

Do SMBs require enterprise level security?


When it comes to security, scaling is key to success for rapid growth. SMBs must prepare themselves for incoming threats as they grow at a quick pace. Attacks cripple growth, hence SMBs need to employ security strategies with foresight, coupled with DIY solutions and other strategies.

Simplify Device Management with Automations


As your business continues to grow, managing your endpoints can turn out to be a hectic task. This is where automating your device management workflow can prove to be very useful! Simple features like dynamic device grouping or automatic device enrollment can greatly reduce the workload on IT admins and thereby improve productivity in the workplace. Curious to know more? Check out this webinar and watch as Ryan talks about:

  • Enrolling corporate-owned devices in batch without user intervention.
  • Automating policy associations with Dynamic Device Groups.
  • Combining the ‘Geofencing’ feature with dynamic grouping.

UEM Automation


Are the same set of mundane device management tasks running you out? Would you instead prefer automating such boring and repetitive processes than manually performing them across the entire device fleet? Automation of device management tasks saves a great deal of time and money by disposing manual operations. In addition, it minimizes the workload and aids the IT team in effective device administration. This session discusses the ways of achieving automation through Hexnode UEM.

Mobile threats to watch out for in 2022


In the modern era, the risk of your devices getting exposed to various malware and threats is increasing at an alarming rate. A click from a single device on your network could open the gateway to your corporate network. Have a walk through this session to get a quick overview on:

  • How have mobile threats evolved over the past decades?
  • Significance of establishing a threat response strategy.
  • Best practices to decrease the odds of encountering threats.
  • Hexnode’s threat management strategy.



Researching and developing new features has always been a challenging task for EMM providers. But how has OEMConfig made the lives of EMM vendors a lot easier? What exactly does OEMConfig do? Tune in to see what our industry expert has to say!

Telecom Expense Management for Businesses

iOS, Android, Webinars

Ever wondered how to remotely manage the telecom expenses of your employees? Hexnode offers a suitable solution for configuring policies to limit endpoint device data usage on Android and iOS devices. Moreover, set up policies to restrict the amount of data usage of particular apps. Know more about the advanced features for telecom expense management through this webinar.

What’s new with Hexnode: November 2019

iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Webinars

Excited to know what’s new with Hexnode? This video covers all the latest updates and features introduced from July 2019 to November 2019. Get a complete walkthrough of the newly developed Get Started module that provides a space to easily learn and access features on all platforms. Also, get insights into the newly developed features requested by our users.

Let’s talk Hexnode: Episode 2


An insightful interactive session with our partner Alex Dukhovny, Executive Vice President, Intratem. Listen to his stories and insights from fifteen years of experience in Mobile Device Management. His take on the future of MDM and how Hexnode met his requirements when he faced issues with other MDMs.

What’s new with Hexnode: July 2019

Android, Webinars

Curious about what's new in Hexnode? This webinar will walk you through the new Hexnode dashboard and some additional features. With the revamped dashboard, IT administrators can gain insights on all users and devices from a single page. Hexnode has also come out with a new digital signage technology that allows businesses to restrict corporate devices to display contents of their choice. But that’s not all! Watch the webinar to learn more...

What’s new with Hexnode: August 2021


Let's take a deep dive into what we have been working on to meet your IT needs. A closer look at the major updates and releases with Windows automation, Mac security and interesting releases in iOS, Android, tvOS, and much more.

IoT management

Product Training

IoT is no longer a thing of the future. It’s here. It’s now. IoT has become an integral part of device management and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Dive into how and why IoT Management is being adopted by industries worldwide. Leave nothing unmanaged with this session on Hexnode’s IoT management.

UEM for Logistics


Mobility is revolutionizing the way things run in the supply chain. As consumer demands rise and with the onset of e-commerce in the wake of the pandemic, logistics cannot keep pace unless aided by powerful digital tools. Among the major innovations driving the logistics industry, the UEM tool is one that cannot be overlooked. Hexnode UEM is proving its worth in the logistics industry by providing a holistic platform to manage any devices within their warehouses, offices, or even vehicles. The benefits that Hexnode offers to the logistics industry are numerous. Tune in to see how Hexnode aids secure logistics as easy as one-two-three.

What’s new with Hexnode: June 2020


We get that mobile device management can be challenging at times. That is why at Hexnode, we always look forward to innovating new features and improving existing ones so that every organization can streamline its device management process. This webinar will give you an overview of the major updates and releases that rolled out since our last WNWH webinar. Watch Robert talk about:

  • New macOS features like remote script configuration, Active directory binding...
  • The new ‘Content’ tab in the Hexnode portal
  • Integration of Okta with Hexnode
  • Remote file manager for Android devices
  • The new Hexnode app for Mac
and much more!

UEM for Education


Like every other sector, the pandemic has shaken up things in education. Now more than ever, educational institutions are fast-forwarding to digital resources and tools to ensure uninterrupted learning in these trying times. As educational institutions around the globe stumble to combat the endpoint challenges, Hexnode takes the sting out of it with its seamless UEM offerings. Check out how to prepare for a worry-free educational environment by taking the leap with Hexnode.