CipherLab RK95

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Introducing the CipherLab RK95 Industrial Mobile Computer – the ultimate solution for optimizing data collection in warehouse environments. Engineered to streamline scanning operations and accommodate extensive data needs, the RK95 boasts multiple keypad options and a 4.3” multi-touch panel with versatile reader choices. Ideal for traditional warehouse applications and latest indoor/outdoor demands, its robust and upgradeable mobile computing platform ensures higher standards and security. With industry-leading performance, reliable transmission capabilities, and resourceful data capture functionalities, the RK95 is a smart and cost-effective investment for warehousing, distribution centers, manufacturing, and cold storage facilities.

  • Device Type
    • Phone
  • Screen Size
    • 4.3-inch
  • RAM Size
    • 4GB
  • Storage Size
    • 64GB
  • AER validated OS version
    • Android 12
    • Android 9
  • Rugged
    • Yes
  • Zero-touch Support
    • Yes
  • Fingerprint Support
    • No
  • NFC Support
    • Yes
  • Telephony Support
    • Yes
  • Rear Camera
    • 16 megapixels PDAF with LED flash
  • Battery Life
    • 3000 mAh (min. 8 hours)/6000 mAh (min.12 hours)
    • Cold Storage: 5500 mAh (min.5 hours)
  • Speed up to
    • 2.2 GHz
  • Drop Test Integrity
    • 1.8m (2.4m with rubber boot)


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