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@Ulrika, If you’re looking to remove specific applications on a Windows device from Hexnode, you could do that with the Execute Custom Scripts feature for Windows. Of course, it won’t be that easy as selecting the application from a list and pressing a button, but it should achieve your wanted result.

With scripts, you can remove both Windows Store apps and enterprise apps on your endpoints. To get started, note the ‘App package name’ or ‘path to the app MSI” of all the apps you want to remove from the device.

You can fetch the app package name by running this command from the PowerShell terminal on the endpoint or running a remote script (use ‘.ps1’ extension) from Hexnode –

Get-AppxPackage –User UserName | Select Name

Replace ‘UserName’ with the user name to obtain an account- specific list or use –AllUser in place of -User to get the app package names of all users.

Once, you have done that, use the instructions on the below links to prepare the script –

Script to uninstall Windows Store apps
Script to uninstall Enterprise apps

After you’ve saved the script, you can deploy the script from Manage > Devices by selecting Actions > Execute Custom Script.

You can find more scripts like this on Windows Sample Scripts Repository.

Hope you’ll find this helpful.

Zach Goodman
Hexnode UEM

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