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Henry O'Shea

Oct 27, 2022

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Sharp – A Household Name

Sharp Industries is a name well known worldwide, having been a world leader in developing digital core technologies for next-generation electronic products and applications.

Sharp has been a key name in the industry for decades now, with the goal to “making technology easy”. With the ‘new normal’ of hybrid work hitting the enterprise mainstream, Sharp has taken it upon themselves to provide the right technology, deployed in the right way in order to fit the current global enterprise landscape.

How does Hexnode come into the picture?

Sharp’s very own OEMConfig app, AQUOS, ensures that employees will be equipped with the right features and apps, by applying policies that restrict the usage of data, blacklist/whitelist unnecessary applications, as well as turn devices into single-purpose kiosks. They can be monitored and secured with ease from the comfort of the workspace. Efficiency is the biggest draw for any endpoint management solution – Hexnode’s UEM capabilities offer industry-standard security features for Sharp devices to work with maximum efficiency.

There are a couple of features Hexnode can offer that would provide just that:

  • Disable software update – disables OS updates. Depending on the model, software updates other than OS updates may not be disabled.
  • Force SD card encryption – The SD card will be read-only until you encrypt the SD card. It can be set on AQUOS terminals that support the SD card encryption function.
  • Dashboard: Hexnode UEM’s Dashboard provides a simplified, overall view of all the devices enrolled in Hexnode. It is a centralized console from where remote monitoring and issue resolution can be completed in double-quick time. Admins can have a quick glance at device compliance issues, activity summary and if required, necessary information about individual devices.

Looking for more custom capabilities?

In addition to the capabilities provided by Hexnode, mobile and handheld devices can be further secured with the further customization of device capabilties with the help of OEMConfig. In the case of Sharp, that app would be AQUOS OEMConfig 2 app in Google PlayStore, which can be remotely deployed onto enrolled devices with Hexnode UEM.

These apps provide industry-standard features that provide business-grade performance, giving multiple industries some extra legroom to work with.

OEMConfig – Breaking the boundaries of Android device management

Which Industries adopt Sharp Devices?

Sharp devices and displays are used in a variety of industries and applications, most notably:

  • Automotive Applications
  • Home Automation
  • Medical diagnosis and patient monitoring
  • Image sensors for industrial applications

What are the most widely used devices on the market?

Dynabook Laptops

Dynabook, formerly Toshiba laptops, are the flagship set of Sharp laptops that offer performance, speed and style, making any place a productive workspace. Dynabook laptops currently have three sets:

  • Satellite Pro Series
  • Tecra Series
  • Portege series

Mobile Phones

In addition to laptops, Sharp also possesses a growing series of mobile phones, working on Android. Some examples of Sharp mobile phones on the market:

  • Sharp AQUOS C10
  • Sharp AQUOS D10
  • Sharp AQUOS R3
  • Sharp AQUOS V

Tablets and Wearables

Sharp is an indutry giant when it comes to the manufacture of tablet and wearable displays. Consumers and device manufacturers demand low power consumption for long battery life and high resolution from their mobile displays. Sharp LCDs deliver, with a broad range of models and resolutions including HD720, FHD, WQHD, and even 4k2k for brilliant and immersive mobile experiences.

Deploying AQUOS OEMConfig 2 to your Hexnode-enrolled devices

The OEMConfig app distributed to the devices makes it easier to deploy OEM-specific settings to Android Enterprise devices via the Hexnode UEM console. By deploying AQUOS Config 2 for Sharp Android devices, organizations can exert granular-level control over the enterprise devices by configuring them to support these features. You can find out how to add an OEMConfig app in your Hexnode inventory here.

Now that you’ve got AQUOS OEMConfig 2 in your inventory, here’s how you can deploy it to your Sharp Android devices:

  1. Go to Policies.
  2. You may choose the existing policy to push the OEMConfig app to devices or create a New Policy.
  3. Navigate to Android > App Management > App Configurations.
  4. Click Configure > Add new configuration.
  5. Select the AQUOS Config 2 (OEMConfig for SHARP) app from the list of approved apps and click Add.
  6. Configure the required settings and click Done.

Hexnode and Sharp ft. OEMConfig – Device Management taken to another level

Sharp devices are an important part of many industrial applications. They need to be managed carefully to ensure that they are used properly and by authorized personnel. Hexnode’s device management solutions provide the tools you need to manage corporate devices securely and efficiently. Combined with Hexnode’s various device management capabilities (as previously elaborated), especially with OEMConfig and Android Enterprise, device management across the entire enterprise is solved from a single Hexnode console.


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