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Heather Gray

Apr 21, 2021

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Andddd cut!… That’s a wrap guys. Hexnode Partner Summit 2021 has officially come to an end. It was truly a memorable experience to connect and interact with some of the brilliant minds that have made Hexnode into what it is today.

Thank you for tuning into Hexnode Partner Summit 2021. See you again next year ?

3:30 pm EST 04/22/2021 – Closing Keynote 

Session: Partner awards: The red carpet 

Our partners are critical to our success and growth. CEO of Hexnode, Apu Pavithran, briefed our upcoming plans to collaborate more strategically with our partners to expand the power of HexnodeWe’re proud of all we’ve accomplished together and congratulations to all the winners:  

  • The Sales Story of the year: FAOnet 
  • The Do-Gooder: MobileXtra 
  • Partner of the year: IntraTem 
2:55 pm EST 04/22/2021 

Session: Introducing Hexnode to large enterprises  

Adnil Puente, Chief Operating Officer at Integricity, discussed the buying process of SMEs and large enterprises. 

2:25 pm EST 04/22/2021 

Session: Hexnode Marketing Training: The best amoung equals 

Sarika Abraham, Lead of Marketing at Hexnode, Saranya TP, Senior of Marketing at Hexnode, and Amith Manoj, Product Evangelist at Hexnode, shared their insights on marketing strategies that have proven effective for Hexnode. 

The key points discussed were 

  • UEM overview: The niche and the players 
  • Hexnode UEM and the brand standards 
  • Marketing tips to assist channel partners in lead generation 
  • Building an effective market strategy
2:15 pm EST 04/22/2021 

Session: Capacity building and digital collaboration post covid for business expansion  

Jibran Ali Khan, Executive Director (APAC – EMEA) SETI, summarized the steps needed to ensure a collaborative and effective business expansion plan in a post-COVID setting. 

1:55 pm EST 04/22/2021 

Session: XaaS – Anything as a service  

Thiago Bolognez, Director of Business development and Strategic Partnerships at MobileXtra, imparted his knowledge on the subject of anything as a service – commonly referred to as XaaS. 

1:55 pm EST 04/22/2021 

Session: Customer Success Training: Metrics that matter 

Athira Surendran, Manager of customer acquisition and customer retention at Hexnode, and Vishnu Prasad, Lead product consultant at Hexnode, shared their insights on how Hexnode retains its customers. 

The key points discussed were:  

  • Upselling strategies that have yielded results 
  • Simple measure that help in reducing customer churn rate  
  • Improving customer loyalty
1:45 pm EST 04/22/2021 

Session: Prioritization framework  

Andrea Saez, Co-founder of Product Dynamic, shared her insights on the popular product frameworks available, why they don’t help with the decision-making process and how to improve on the drawbacks.

1:35 pm EST 04/22/2021 

Session: Sales Training: How to push modern desktop management alongside MDM 

Varun R Nair, Technical Blogger at Hexnode, and Sachin Sunny, Product Evangelist at Hexnode, summarized the processes involved in strengthening modern desktop management with an MDM. 

The key points discussed were 

  • Empowering modern workplace desktops with MDM 
  • Use cases and features for pitching desktop management with MDM
1:15 pm EST 04/22/2021 

Session: It’s time to start thinking about digital analytics in B2B marketing 

Michael Brito, EVP head of digital & analytics at Zeno group, shared his take on digital analytics and its role in the B2B market. 

The key points discussed were 

  • Executing B2B content strategies  
  • Utilization of audience data 
1:00 pm EST 04/22/2021 

Session: Sales training: Driving home the message 

Saikrishnan R, Lead product consultant at Hexnode, explained the process that we use to sell Hexnode UEM. 

The key points discussed were:  

  • Sales strategies that have produced results for Hexnode 
  • Pointers for closing deals faster and effectively 
12:1pm EST 04/22/2021 

Kirsty Traill, a veteran startup advisor, broke down her formula for success on social media. 

The key points discussed were:  

  • How to think like your customer 
  • Delivering seamless customer experiences for B2B organizations

live updates from New York!

12:00 pm EST 04/22/2021 

Session: Virtual Fun 

All work and no play make jack a dull boy.   

Look forward to:  

  • Sales pitches for fun 
  • Guess it to win it 

live updates from New York!

11:40 am EST 04/22/2021 

Session: Client acquisition for B2B tech startups 

Jennifer Poole, Head of client acquisition at Publicize, dwelled on the importance of Public Relations for businesses. 

The key points discussed were:  

  • PR and media execution ideas  
  • Improving client acquisition for SaaS businesses

live updates from New York!

11:35 pm EST 04/22/2021 

Session: Product training: Delivering a killer platform demo 

Rohit CR, Manager of customer success at Hexnode, briefed the attendees on the right way to pitch Hexnode UEM. 

The key points discussed were:  

  • Ideas for executing a perfect product demo 
  • Best practices and pro tips for highlighting Hexnode 

live updates from New York!

11:15 am EST 04/22/2021 

Session: Product training: The how of ‘Why Hexnode UEM?’ 

Ajith R, Lead of marketing at Hexnode, and Sachin S Kakkatil, Product evangelist at Hexnode, explained why Hexnode UEM is the right choice.  

The key points discussed were:  

  • How to effectively communicate product benefits 
  • USP and key features that sell 
11:10 am EST 04/22/2021 

Session: Evolving in a digital normal 

Michelle Ragusa Mcbain, VP of Global Channel Strategy at JS group, shared her personal experiences on evolving in a digital normal. 

10:50 am EST 04/22/2021 

Session: Partnership training: One portal to manage them all 

Anish Kumar, Lead channel marketing associate at Hexnode, and Neeraj O R, Lead of marketing at Hexnode, gave a crash course on everything partner portal.  

The key points discussed were:  

  • Benifits of the partner program  
  • Registering a deal 
  • Customer portal management 
  • Licensing: how it works 

10:50 am EST 04/22/2021 

Session: Capitalizing on the digital opportunity 

Sean Ginevan, the Head of Global Strategy and Digital Partnerships at Google, gave his pointers on taking advantage of a digital opportunity. 

10:30 am EST 04/22/2021 

Session: The power of really listening to the customers and harnessing the customer’s voice 

Vinay Bhagat, the founder and CEO of TrustRadius, enlightend the attendees with his experience in scaling TrustRadius. 

The key points discussed were:  

  • Vinay’s experience in growing and scaling his organization 
  • Shaping product innovations with customer choice trends 

live updates from New York!

10:00 am EST 04/22/2021  Opening Keynote 

Session: Customer success with Hexnode 

 Hexnode’s CMO Rachana Vijayan shared the strategies that were implemented to ensure better customer success. 

The key points discussed were:  

  • A detailed analysis of what Hexnode has achieved in recent years and the influence of partners in the growth 
  • Channel partnership strategies for the next financial year 
  • Hexnode’s customer acquisition strategies and how partners can replicate it 

Hexnode Partner Summit 2021 is Hexnode’s first ever partner conference, the agenda includes sessions that are designed to keep the guests engaged and entertained like keynote speeches, sales-enablement strategies, feature announcements, and the main highlights are the Hexnode sales certification program and eagerly anticipated Hexnode partner awards.   

Hexnode Partner Summit 2021 will start at 10:00 am ESTJoin the summit now!  

Live updates about everything Partner Summit will be shared here: 


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