[Infographic] Managing your rugged fleet of devices with UEM

Ron Myers

Nov 22, 2021

1 min read

Rugged devices are specially built hardware that can withstand the harshest environment. These devices have the same functionalities as a consumer mobile phone or tablet. Besides they can tolerate high temperature, water, and dust and still give a guaranteed performance. These devices are engineered to overcome high shocks, exposure to water, and more.  

Enterprises are adopting rugged devices for their field works as they offer longer device life and higher levels of production without sacrificing performance. Rugged handheld devices like phones, tablets attached with RFID scanners are now used in many industries. It is very evident that rugged devices will soon become more common in the market.  

Yes, for sure they are physically well built to tolerate any hazard, but can they withstand tech hazards? Rugged devices can withstand any harsh physical environment but this doesn’t make them any safe from cyberattacks. Enterprises need to check these devices to ensure security.

Managing and monitoring remote rugged devices can be a tough task. So, it is best to be prepared with a cost-effective management solution than to stay ignorant. Modern UEM solutions like Hexnode offers enterprises top-end features to manage and secure rugged devices.


Ron Myers

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