Hexnode makes Windows Onboarding easy with Windows Autopilot

Astrid Wolff

Dec 15, 2023

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Hexnode UEM announces the addition of Windows Autopilot to its Windows enrollment methods, enabling users to onboard their Windows laptops and desktops seamlessly.

Traditionally, deploying Windows devices has been a task solely handled by the IT department. Despite having an MDM solution, IT admins often struggle to set up new or repurposed Windows devices to meet the organization’s diverse needs. A significant amount of manual intervention was required, and configurations were pushed to devices only after users or admins switched them on.

Hexnode’s integration with Windows Autopilot enables admins to manage the onboarding process better and minimize time dedicated to configuring devices by delivering an Out-of-box experience (OOBE).

Provision devices using Windows autopilot on Hexnode!

Device provisioning refers to the process of setting up and configuring new devices to make them operational right out of the box. Windows Autopilot is used to provision and make the enrollment process of Windows 10 devices easy for IT admins. Together with a UEM solution like Hexnode, IT admins can remotely enroll and manage Windows devices in bulk.

To initiate device provisioning straight out of the box through Hexnode UEM with Windows Autopilot, one must register on Hexnode using either Azure AD or the Microsoft Business Store. Upon registration, all Active Directory (AD) joined devices and those in the Windows Autopilot program will be automatically enrolled in the Hexnode portal. Admins can configure and apply policies to individual devices intended for out-of-box use.

Comparison to Apple’s VPP and ABM

Similar to Apple Business Manager (ABM)/ Apple School Manager (ASM), Windows Autopilot offers a fully automated Zero-Touch deployment for devices enrolled through Hexnode. Much like Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP), admins also have the option to purchase apps in bulk using the Microsoft Business Store and deploy them in mass to registered devices. This ensures that devices come pre-equipped with apps and data tailored to a particular organization. For instance, in educational institutions, devices can be provisioned with essential learning applications, ensuring that right out of the box, the devices are preloaded with all the necessary educational apps without requiring manual user download.

In a nutshell

The integration of Windows Autopilot with Hexnode streamlines the device enrollment process for Windows devices. Enterprises can choose from various policy customizations to provision the devices based on their requirements. Moreover, the Zero-touch deployment of devices not only saves time but also enhances the overall IT productivity.


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