Implementing compliance and privacy adhering location policies with Hexnode

Astrid Wolff

Feb 2, 2024

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Hexnode expands its location-based management capabilities by adding the new “Delete Location History” feature to the list. This feature allows organizations to manage and delete the location history of all their enrolled devices.

Why is Location-based Policies Important?

Organizations can retrieve real-time device location data and the whole history of locations traversed by the device with the help of location-based policies, which also help them locate missing or lost devices. Policies based on location are crucial in various domains such as delivery and distribution, where employee devices owned by the organization must be monitored.

The IT admins are able to get the location history of all enrolled devices from Hexnode portal itself. In the past, admins had no influence over the number of days that location history was displayed in the history tab or the ability to remove it, as this was determined by the pricing plan they selected. Many businesses are prohibited from retaining the location history for various security and privacy regulations. Now, with the new feature admins can delete location history when they want or after a particular timeframe which can be customized

The option for deleting location history and updating location history retention will be available for Enterprise, Ultimate, and Ultra plan users.

Location-based Policies made simple

Stolen corporate-owned devices are an IT admin’s worst nightmare. Imagine leaking out confidential company data to third-party people! With Hexnode you will be able to track down lost or stolen devices and remotely lock or wipe the devices, so your confidential company data doesn’t get exposed.

Using Hexnode, administrators may geofence devices and receive notifications when a device leaves or enters a specific location. Using Hexnode’s geofencing policies, administrators can configure devices to automatically lock themselves down when they leave work zones or place them in an immersive kiosk mode when they are inside the work zone. Administrators can use Hexnode to lock lost or stolen devices using lost mode, protecting vital company data.


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