Hexnode Partner Summit Closing Keynote – a recap

Henry O'Shea

Apr 21, 2022

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It’s been one heck of a day! We hope you enjoyed the second edition of Hexnode’s Partner Summit as much as we did.

With the success of last year’s Summit, our aim was to bring our growing partner community even closer. Together, all of us can advance in our respective fields and can keep moving forward through adversity.

As always, we want to make sure our partners remain engaged and updated on what’s going on at Hexnode. With the new features we’re planning to roll out in the near future, they can stay on their toes in anticipation of what’s to come.

What went down during the Partner Summit Closing Keynote?

We at Hexnode wanted to take this opportunity to extend our sincere gratitude to our partners, who worked with us during the period of uncertainty caused by the pandemic in 2021 and into a new dawn, with many developments to be excited about. Our founder and CEO, Apu Pavithran, cut to the chase with the much-awaited Partner Awards. Winners were selected based on their contributions to both company and their respective communities, as well as growth in client relationships over the past year.

Apu went on to explain the perks that came with the award itself, namely:

  • Partner Award winners will receive a memento and a digital badge to display on their websites.
  • Winners will also be mentioned in our Hexnode Blogs, website and our monthly newsletter.

Let’s get to the list of winners, shall we?

Who were the recipients of the Partner awards?

An intriguing tale

The Sales Story of the Year award went to our reseller partner based in Malaysia, Syndes Technologies, for their enlightening story about their clients in the field of agriculture, Averis.

Sales Story of the Year

Sales Story of the Year 2022 winner

Averis is a world-class provider of global business services particularly in the plantation and agriculture industry. This organization oversees mobile device use within their organizations and would bring great aid to processing which ultimately smoothens the process.

Averis wanted a solution that would help to secure the devices and function as inventory management. A solution that secured content management as well as protect the software and hardware of devices. With Hexnode, the company was able to distribute the app easily by making the process completely remote while restricting the user from installing any other apps.

The end results? There was a huge increase in productivity levels as well as savings in terms of time, costs, and user effort. This was another story of Hexnode making the lives of employees easier with way better results.

Switching it up

We decided to switch things up with our Partner of the Year award. With our Partner Ecosystem growing with each passing year, we realized that there would be many of those who don’t get the recognition they deserve. That’s why the award was split into two categories: EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Asia) and the Americas.

Apu kicked off the first of the two regions by giving away the Partner of the Year: EMEA to Focus Group. With some stellar numbers and fantastic rate of customer retention, Apu had some high praise for them, reaffirming our faith in them as a valued partner within our Ecosystem.

Winner of the Partner of the Year: EMEA

The Winner of the Partner of the Year – EMEA

The last award of the night, the Partner of the Year for the Americas went to Safari Micro. Apu explained how difficult it was for him and the rest of our staff to pick a winner out of so many deserving candidates, seeing that a huge chunk of our customer base was in the Americas.

Partner of the Year - North America

The Winner of the Partner of the Year – North America

With this much competition for the awards, it certainly didn’t make our job to pick winners any easier! But it’s something we were more than happy to do. We at Hexnode echo our CEO’s words and once again thank all of our partners for their incredible efforts over the past year.

What’s next: an update on IoT/XR Support and more…..

Before concluding the Keynote and marking an end to this year’s Summit, Apu gave a little update into our IoT/XR support developments. There is something special brewing on that front, and Apu assured partners that there would be further updates in the near future, most notably during HexCon22.

Apu ended the Keynote by thanking everyone who was a part of this Summit, bidding all a good night. With that, the Hexnode Partner Summit has officially concluded. Thank you for joining us, stay safe, and we’ll see all of you very soon.


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