Hexnode launches remote view feature for Android mobile devices

Elizabeth Hale

Oct 18, 2017

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Walnut, CA, October 17, 2017 (Newswire.com) – Hexnode MDM announced its addition of remote view feature for Android devices in their latest release. The remote view feature will bring a much robust management capability to the enterprises by enabling them to view the device actions remotely and in real time. The feature is available in the latest build of Hexnode MDM (version 6.0) and app version 9.2 onwards. All Android devices with OS version 5.0 and above support this feature. Hexnode promises that this feature will be a gem for the IT support team in the enterprises and that the remote, real time support will help them resolve most of the issues on the spot.

The remote view feature basically opens a window for the IT admins to the employee’s devices where they can view the device activities in real time. This definitely improves the quality of IT support.

– said Sahad M, the Product Manager of Mitsogo Inc. Hexnode MDM comes with a remote view service app which needs to be installed in the device for using this feature. This is done during the device enrollment. Currently, the remote view feature is supported only by Android devices. Future enhancements will include many supporting features such as screen capturing, messaging console etc.

Clearly, seeing is the better than hearing about something. The remote screen sharing possesses a few advantages:

  • Get a clear picture of the issue and provide appropriate support.
  • Provide assistance to users by watching their actions in the device.
  • Get a more trusted report on the device actions at any time.
  • Monitor the user actions in the device at any time without notifying the user.
  • Share information or a live process in the device to the admin.

The MDM is soon to bring Remote Control feature to the product, which will enable admin to control the user’s device remotely in real time.

About Company: Mitsogo Inc. is a trusted provider of Enterprise Mobility Solution under the brand Hexnode. The MDM offers application management, security management, email management, kiosk management etc along with device management. Hexnode MDM has found its way to all kinds of business sectors such as education, health care, transportation and even in high security government fields all over the world. The clutter-less UI and simplified work flow is what makes the solution more efficient and preferable.

For more information visit : www.hexnode.com


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