How Hexnode could’ve helped Dunder Mifflin

Rick Cooper

Feb 7, 2022

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“Everyone back to work!!!”, Michael echoing this to his staff is etched into our minds through the seasons. All this while he slyly distracts them the most. Well, your company might not have a Michael Scott but the productivity does take a hit due to various reasons. Why don’t we just go ahead and take Dunder Mifflin as an example?

Are they productive?

Dunder Mifflin is a fun company to work at but not a very productive one per se. There are multiple ways to improve productivity, but we’re going to talk about one in particular, a device management suite.

Hexnode is one such device management suite that is easy to configure, safe to trust, and reliable to use.

Tell us, how many times you’ve seen Kevin staring at his monitor and giving his smiles.

He’s probably watching a video of a bird attacking a cat or something, just as random. On the other hand, Kelly surfing the internet about the latest celebrity gossip during work hours is definitely not productive either. The simple solution for both these problems would be blacklisting or whitelisting.

Glad you asked.

Blacklisting: This feature lets you block the particular apps and websites on your corporate device which can affect the employee productivity

Whitelisting: This feature lets you access only the sites that the IT admin allows. Hence, blocking all the non-work-related sites.

Well, that will bid a farewell to movie Mondays. With Hexnode you can also track the amount of data consumed by each employee through data expense management.

No Hassle

Hexnode has a feature called remote view, through which the admin can remotely view a user’s screen to troubleshoot any problem that a user might be facing. The admin can give instructions to the user remotely in real-time to fix a flaw. This saves employees a lot of hassle and time.

The home to Auction’s, basketball games, fundraisers …… The WAREHOUSE! Being a paper company, you will need to store and transport paper. Even for a small company like Dunder Mifflin, there is usually a ton of industrial equipment that they might use. Using rugged devices or device kiosks can help you secure your devices on the exterior (especially knowing you have Michael lurking around to get his hands on that forklift and crash the place down). To secure them from the inside and to use them as kiosks, you need the help of Hexnode. With Hexnode, Dunder Mifflin can distribute both store and enterprise apps. The admin can keep track of the apps that are installed on enrolled devices from the Hexnode portal.

I think we can all agree that no one at Dunder Mifflin is a tech enthusiast, except for Ryan maybe. So things are preferred to be kept the same for the most part, the Sabre takeover is a good example. No one liked the change. Now introducing device management is probably going to have a similar effect at first, but as Michael thrived under Sabre, employees will soon enough understand a device management’s uses.

When enrolling a new device with Hexnode it can be pre-enrolled out of the box, saving a lot of time and effort for the employees. I can surely imagine Stanley going, “I don’t care for this” if it was up to him to set his own device up.

Segregate work

Much like any other company Dunder Mifflin has, it’s multiple departments, and while Angela might need different sets of resources Jim’s requirements will be different. The sales department would want their leads to be available, while accounting will want the sales reports to be available. Through Hexnode, IT admin can easily make the required documents accessible to the relevant employees. With Hexnode you can also categorize work and non-work related apps and their data separately. This saves a lot of time for the employees because once the clock strikes 17:00 hrs. It’s time to go home for Stanley.

Secure corporate resources

What exactly does Creed do? Where does he go? If Creed had a Hexnode enrolled device,  through Hexnode’s geo-tracking you can track when Creed disappears without a trace. With geofencing, you can make the device non-compliant when he leaves the office. This way, the corporate can be sure Creed is not out there selling out Dunder Mifflin clients. (let’s be honest, that is completely possible)

Through Hexnode the admin can set custom policies for employees, and in a small company like DM it is easier to set a custom policy for each person. Although if you have a huge enterprise, there is an option for user and device grouping. This way you can group all the employees from one department and apply a different set of policies and give them access to a different set of resources.
With Hexnode’s managed access feature, the IT admin can make sure sensitive information is protected and can only be accessed by the personnel or apps that the admin deems safe.
Now imagine Erin being Erin sends out the company leads to wrong e-mail address. This is trivial information for the corporate and with Hexnode the admin will know when an email is being opened by an unmanaged domain.

Hexnode’s got you covered

If you ask me, the one person who you can bank on to immediately embrace the change would be Dwight. The man is a workhorse and a person like Dwight would find Hexnode right at home with the security features it brings to the table and well he’s the new manager so who knows maybe if we play our cards right, we might bag Dunder Mifflin ourselves.

To conclude, it’s not just Dunder Mifflin, every company has different employees with different needs, and manually configuring each device to cater to their needs is not a viable option. Hexnode is a management suite through which the admin can have granular control over the enterprise devices from anywhere. Hexnode has support for all the mainstream OS, so however big and tricky your needs are, we’ve got you covered.

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