Hexnode announces zero-day support for iPadOS – the new OS for iPads

Andrea Jones

Sep 25, 2019

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San Francisco, September 24, 2019–(Business Wire)– Hexnode, the global Unified Endpoint Management solution has announced the support for the brand-new OS for Apple iPads – iPadOS. Apple first introduced the stand-alone OS for iPads in the WWDC’19 event in June. The new OS doesn’t vary much from iOS feature-wise but is optimized for the bigger screen in iPads.

iPads, which used to run on iOS, had its limitations since the OS was originally designed for iPhones. iOS didn’t do much justice to the larger screens. Apple rectified all these problems in the new OS. iPadOS has all the cool iOS 13 features and more. Some of the major features in iPadOS are the new Home screen with today view widgets sharing the same space, split view mode in apps for multitasking, external drive support, mouse support, and new intuitive gestures. iPadOS is more inclined to feel like Mac rather than an iPhone.

Enterprises have the same feature set as they had for iOS 13. The major enterprise features are:

  1. User enrollment for better work and personal data separation in BYOD
  2. Managed Apple IDs
  3. Single sign-on extension
  4. Modern authentication for Automated Device Enrollment
  5. New configuration profiles and modifications to the existing profiles
  6. Modifications to Supervised features

Supported devices:

  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad Air (3rd gen)
  • iPad Mini 4
  • iPad Mini (5th gen)
  • iPad (5th gen)
  • iPad (6th gen)
  • iPad (7th gen)
  • iPad Pro (1st gen, 12.9’’)
  • iPad Pro (1st gen, 9.7’’)
  • iPad Pro (2nd gen, 12.9’’)
  • iPad Pro (2nd gen, 10.5’’)
  • iPad Pro (3rd, 12.9’’)

Hexnode had recently announced the support for iOS 13. The product also supports all the previous versions of iOS. Hexnode is gearing up for the new macOS Catalina which will be released soon, for its vast customer base.

About the company: Mitsogo Inc. is a leading provider of endpoint management and security solutions. Hexnode MDM, the award-winning Unified Endpoint Management platform from Mitsogo, has been helping organizations in more than 100 countries stay agile and competitive in an increasingly mobile world. From SMBs to Fortune 500s, enterprises of all sizes have leveraged Mitsogo’s prowess in device management to drive business productivity and compliance. With both cloud and on-premise hosting options to choose from, Mitsogo’s solutions adapt to the most complex of business environments.

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