Streamlining the 99th precinct’s cloud security with UEMs

Celine Jones

Oct 17, 2022

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The onset of October emanates the spirit of Halloween treats and malware tricks. Cybersecurity Awareness month reminds us of ways to prevent falling prey to the real and catastrophic Halloween Heists pulled off by hackers across the globe. ‘Tis that time of the year to implement toit cloud security measures on our clouds to wade off all tricks and relish our treats. As an ode to the 99th precinct of NYPD, how about we do it in noine-noine style? 

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Terry loves cloud

And so do we! Terry’s cloud drive must be filled with pictures of his wife and twins. Cloud technology has gone through exponential growth originating from mainframes and terminals to what we know as ‘the cloud’. Its many features include:

  • Flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Cost savings
  • Disaster recovery

….and of course, a whole lot of space to efficiently store our data. By providing solutions that are simple to deploy, update, and manage, cloud technology enables organisations to reduce the costs associated with their infrastructure. Cloud technology is an excellent substitute for physical alternatives, which frequently cost more and offer less flexibility. Tech giants that provide cloud services compete with each other in terms of pricing, packaging, services offered, and security. 

Much like the heavily populated New York City and the need to prevent crimes with precincts set everywhere, UEMs help enterprises prevent any malicious activity from taking place. In any establishment, the cloud servers will host an array of information. It could be, pieces of evidence, criminal records or Terry’s plan for the annual Halloween Heist 🙂. There is always a rising need to secure these data.  

UEMs- noice, toit and smort

UEMs popped up a few years ago with the motive to smoothen device management. Expanding from MDMs, UEMs cater to almost all kinds of devices including wearables and iOT. UEMs provide a single glass pane view to monitor endpoints, their location, status etc.

So, if Jake is hellbent on using the latest gadgets for his mission, his superior officers will be able to ensure that he is not just using them to fulfil his Die Hard fantasies.  

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Streamlined management: I want it that way

The ever-growing technology creates much space for hackers to keep targeting newfound vulnerabilities. UEMs can assist in streamlining cloud security and its expanding needs as technological diversity and the need for cloud security arise. Businesses are barely able to cover all the corners in securing their resources. They are stacked up in continuously evolving technology.  

We can find that sweet balance with UEMs. 

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Good question. 

With UEMs, one can cover the entirety of endpoints, enforce policies and secure the network from unwanted trespassers. Organisations can ensure that the right employees have access by managing people, roles and identities. But does it mean that IT admins will have to sit and secure every endpoint in a very catalogued manner?

For someone as organisational as Amy, that may sound very attractive to her. But, the rest of the workforce may not be as efficient as her.

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Let’s dive deep into how and what brings the cloud and UEMs together on every enterprise’s radar. 

Native integration 

On-premise servers are different. A shared-responsibility approach underlies cloud computing. The users manage some security configurations and the cloud service provider does the rest. UEMs and other SaaS enable API-level integrations into your cloud servers that can help fill up the gaps in your security posture. Bingpot! 

Cloud security automation 

The cavity in momentum between the young detectives and Hitchcock and Scully is as huge as the current state of the cybersecurity skills gap today.

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Security architects are quite sought after to align with growing enterprise needs. At any given moment, IT admins must ensure a total lockdown of servers to keep hackers at bay. 

Much of the workload is reduced to the bare minimum by adopting a UEM. Because endpoint management is now automated.

For example, our cloud-based UEM solution, Hexnode, allows you to mark specific email domains as managed, assuring the security of emails sent outside the managed domain. In the Mail app, emails sent to domains, not on this list will be labelled as out-of-domain.

Unfortunately, Charles won’t be able to send out his ‘Brooklyn pizza-ranking email blast’ from the company servers anymore.

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Centralized visibility

None of the officers in the 99th precinct can escape the close scrutiny of Captain Holt through his glass window.

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Holt knows what goes around his precinct and with the help of Terry, he ensures only the best for his detectives. Similarly, your IT admins will be able to monitor and fix any vulnerability through a UEM as they will be having access to user activities, configuration settings, and security policies from a single console.

This lessens the possibility that your security architects may miss an anomaly or a cloud security vulnerability caused by misconfiguration.

Previously, a wide distribution of devices and different cloud servers seemed too complex to handle. However, the infrastructure can be handled efficiently with centralization in place. 


Truth be told, Rosa probably contributes largely to device expenses. The slow loading times of her work devices trigger her aggressive side which ends up being the cause of their destruction.

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What if Rosa brings her own device?

This is where containerisation can come in handy. Creating a clear division between business and personal material is an impressive way to handle corporate apps and data. Additionally, it addresses security issues and guarantees privacy protection. Besides streamlining cloud security, organizations can experience higher productivity and efficiency using a UEM.  

Closing the case

The cloud looms over us everywhere. The blog you are reading is hosted on a cloud. At the end of the day, even the best and the latest technology can fall prey to an attack if the correct cybersecurity measures are not taken seriously by the employees. For example, writing down your password on the whiteboard. 

The list of cybersecurity measures will barely come to an end and we all have a part to play in keeping our organisations secure and thriving. This even includes something as minute as detecting a phishing email; after all, there’s an amazing detective slash genius inside each one of us! 😌

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