Samsung Knox Validated Program: Fine-tune your mobility strategies with Samsung and Hexnode

Alma Evans

May 4, 2021

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Hexnode’s Samsung Knox Validation is the next breakthrough in our journey of meaningful mobility management innovations with Samsung. When Samsung recognizes Hexnode as a Knox Validated Partner that will surely add yet another boost to the efficiency gains and enterprise productivity enhancements Samsung and Hexnode jointly offer.

Confidently deploy enterprise Samsung devices with Hexnode

Hexnode has been working closely with Samsung ever since its inception and is always keen to provide our customers the right value they need us to deliver. Being part of the Samsung Knox Validated Program, Hexnode encourages its customers to rely more on our industry-leading endpoint management offerings and leverage the new features right away.
Hexnode users can now more confidently deploy Samsung devices that are increasingly making way to their enterprises. There is so much more companies can actually achieve when their UEM provider earns Samsung’s seal of approval. Here we explain how our customers can enjoy added peace of mind with Hexnode’s Samsung Knox Validated certification.

What is Samsung Knox Validated Program?

Samsung Knox devices at workplace
Samsung device at workplace

Launched in 2019, Samsung Knox Validated Program is a Samsung-led program to acknowledge MDM, EMM, and UEM partners for their robust security, management, and productivity features. The key intention of the program is to provide end users with confidence in the UEM vendor’s support for Samsung enterprise-grade security features. The program evaluates UEM solutions against an elevated set of standards defined by Samsung including:

  1. Support for Knox Platform for Enterprise
    • Knox Service Plugin support
    • OEM feedback channel support
    • Compatibility with Knox Service Plugin UX guidelines
    • Knox Service Plugin related product documentation
    • Integration of Knox attestation
  2. Implementation of the key features of Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment
    • Hands-free Android Enterprise enrollment with Samsung KME
    • End user credential pass-through support
    • Support for user authentication and enterprise IT policy compliance during the device set up
    • Server-side integration

Knox Platform for Enterprise

Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE) offers an additional set of security and management features for Samsung Knox devices used by highly regulated industries. The additional features and enhancements the Knox Platform for Enterprise offers as compared to Android Enterprise include:

  • Full runtime kernel protection
  • Data-at-rest protection
  • On-device firewall management
  • On-demand VPN
  • Hardware-based third-party container support

, etc.
Knox Platform for Enterprise solution also offers support for advanced features like Samsung Dex which allows organizations to enjoy a desktop computing experience on their mobile device at the same time using them as phones or tablets. Hexnode UEM allows organizations to add their Knox Platform for Enterprise premium license key in Hexnode to avail advanced security features and comprehensive device configurations. Hexnode features to manage Samsung Knox devices that can be enabled using the KPE premium license key includes:

  • Boot or shut down animation
  • Automatically power off a device when USB is detached
  • Automatically power on a device when USB is connected
  • Power off device

Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment

Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME) is Samsung’s automated device provisioning solution to enroll a great number of business-owned devices over the air instead of provisioning them one-by-one manually. Key features of the program include:

  • Bulk device enrollment
  • Automated MDM enrollment and activation
  • Auto re-enrollment
  • Support for multiple MDM configurations per account
  • Streamlined initial set up
  • Support for corporate-owned and employee-owned enrollment

Knox Service Plugin

Knox Service Plugin (KSP) is Samsung’s OEMConfig app to provide UEM customers access to Knox Platform for Enterprise features as soon as they are released. The KSP app help reduce the time delay incurred in incorporating new Samsung UEM features to Hexnode and makes sure that the UEM solution always stays up-to-date with the latest Samsung management offerings within no time. The Knox Service Plugin app also makes it easy to automatically perform Firmware Over-the-air (FOTA) updates on enterprise Samsung devices.
The KSP integration process is as follows:

  • Enroll the organization in Android Enterprise
  • Enroll the end user device in Android Enterprise
  • Approve and add Knox Service Plugin to Hexnode
  • Set up Managed app configurations for the Knox service Plugin app
  • Associate the configurations with target devices

What is the eligibility to have UEM solutions Knox validated?

Any UEM partner having a silver tier or above membership in the Knox Partnership program and integrated with the Knox platform services and solutions is eligible to apply for Samsung Knox Validated Program. Only UEM solutions meeting all the mandatory requirements (and recommendations optionally) will be certified as a Samsung Knox Validated Partner.

How to get a UEM solution Knox validated?

Eligible partners meeting all the criteria of requirements can apply for validation through their partner dashboard. After applying, the partner will be receiving confirmation mail along with technical details and a comprehensive list of specification requirements. The applied partner will be evaluated by Samsung for support of certain Samsung Knox management features.
Upon meeting all the mandatory requirements, the UEM partner will be marked as Knox Validated. There is also an option for a partial solution validation for partners supporting only certain features from the required list along with Knox Mobile Enrollment and Knox Service Plugin. These vendors will be validated partially and shown on Samsung’s site as supporting the corresponding features.

How does the Samsung Knox Validated Program empower Hexnode UEM?

Samsung Knox Validated Program empowers Hexnode
Samsung Knox Validated Program empowers Hexnode

Samsung Knox Validation Program helps partners create better-differentiated management solutions and reach more potential customers. Hexnode is committed to assisting our corporate customers and customizing the management solutions for their specific needs with easy-to-use features and end-to-end security. Hexnode’s participation in the program strengthens the years-old partnership Samsung and Hexnode have long been engaging in. Moving forward, this Samsung Knox Validated Program would be expanded to more Samsung management features and this would further help Hexnode meet the customer needs and expectations in a better way helping businesses easily reach their goals.

Program benefits:

  • Hexnode can ensure that its offerings meet and exceed the requirements and standards set out by Samsung for enterprise clients.
  • Hexnode can deliver a consistent user experience on Samsung Knox devices in terms of setup flows, controls, security features, quick feature updates, and patches.
  • Synchronizing all Samsung management features helps offer Hexnode customers a comprehensive feature stack to meet their enterprise requirements.
  • The program is sure to evolve in the coming years to help Hexnode enhance itself and Samsung’s full focus is on providing the best experiences for any enterprise use cases from COSU to BYOD and everything in between. This also ensures that Hexnode will be able to provide a future-proof UEM solution for the coming years.
  • Hexnode gets access to Samsung proprietary features and the latest functionalities.
  • Most up-to-date development solutions, technical support resources, and proper guidance are provided from the Samsung side in order to help Hexnode best integrate Knox features into its UEM solution.
  • Hexnode UEM will be officially endorsed by Samsung as the top-recommended and trusted solution with the intention of getting more customer exposure and sales together.
  • Hexnode will get dedicated technical support from Samsung to quickly troubleshoot customer issues.

Strictly adhering to Samsung standards, Hexnode gets a clear idea of what it takes to demonstrate excellence in the management of Knox devices. This provides a safe base needed to bridge the gap between customer demands and security requirements for any Samsung-based implementation.

What does Samsung Knox Validated Program mean to Hexnode customers?

Customers can confidently deploy Samsung Knox devices using Hexnode
Customers can confidently deploy Samsung Knox devices using Hexnode

Looking for the Knox Validated badge while choosing management tools for your Samsung fleet would make it too easy to end up with a solution the business IT desperately wants. By raising the bar of excellence, the Samsung Knox Validated Program is helping customers select UEM partners best equipped to help them safely leverage robust capabilities on their Samsung Knox devices.
Good UEM services always mean consistently exceeding customer expectations and going above and beyond the way to help customers solve their management problems. The Samsung Knox Validated Program is a quick way for enterprises to identify UEM solutions with the most advanced management feature stack.
Hexnode customers from a range of industries would benefit from UEM’s Samsung Knox validation in different ways:

  • The customers can stay calm as Hexnode guarantee consistent functionality and all Samsung management features work as expected.
  • Customers can expect the Samsung Knox Validated Hexnode UEM to demonstrate the following qualities:
    1. Full support for Knox Platform for Enterprise and Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment.
    2. Same-day support for the latest Samsung management features using the Knox Service Plugin app.
    3. Advanced troubleshooting capabilities for Knox device issues.
    4. Support for all common enterprise use cases.
    5. Specialized technical documentation to assist the setup and ongoing management.
  • Customers would enjoy more powerful, best-in-class, and versatile enterprise mobility experience.
  • The stamp of validation can assure customers that the solution has been tested for all critical and demanding use cases.
  • Customers can look forward to hassle-free end-to-end solution deployment as Hexnode meets the Samsung recommended UX standards in addition to the easy device procurement and great level of support for built-in Samsung features.

But wait, there’s more

Beyond the familiarity of experience, additional value, as well as productivity gains, you being an ongoing Hexnode customer unlock with this new program, there is much more you can do with the Knox Validated Hexnode UEM to influence the intuitiveness of your business workflow with an extra level of confidence.
And I’d recommend, if you haven’t already been a customer, reaching out to Hexnode and giving our industries-best cutting edge management offerings a try.


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