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Keep moving forward – Key takeaways from Hexnode Partner Summit 2022 opening keynote

Eugene Raynor

Apr 21, 2022

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The second edition of Hexnode’s Partner Summit is finally underway. And boy, what an opening it was!

With an amazing line-up of speakers, new announcements, partner training sessions, fun games, awards ceremonies, and more, this is going to be quite the event. And we can’t wait to share what’s ahead!

But enough about that, there’ll be other blogs coming right up to give you more detailed updates. Let’s dive straight in, to everything that was mentioned at the Hexnode Partner Summit 2022 opening keynote.

Hexnode Partner Summit 2022 – Opening keynote highlights

Hexnode Partner Summit 2022 kicked off with an enthusiastic opening keynote from Apu Pavithran, Founder and CEO at Hexnode. As he welcomed all the partners and customers to the event, he talked about the journey so far, and how we have all come out from the past 8 years, stronger, and together. He goes on to say how all this was possible, because of the one thought that kept us from straying from the path:

“Keep moving forward.”

And this is exactly what Apu had in mind when he began the partner program. His goal was to create an active network of partners around the world, who shared the same vision. Looking back, I’m pretty certain he has more than achieved his goals.

“Our partner program has been growing at an unprecedented rate. With more and more visionary companies joining us every year, we have built a truly diverse partner network.”

Yep, those words pretty much sum it up.

A quick glance at how Hexnode has grown over the past year

So, with the rapid pace at which our customer and partner network has grown, let’s look together at where we stand right now.

Over the past 12 months, Hexnode’s customer signups have doubled, and the number of devices managed over that time frame has gone up by 45%. Along with that, Hexnode’s partner network has seen an increase of a respectable 40%.

Pretty solid numbers, if I say so myself.

Awards and recognitions

With all the work that’s been put up over the past year, Hexnode has certainly not gone unnoticed.

From an Honourable Mention in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Unified Endpoint Management 2021, to being included as a Mobility Specialist in Now Tech: Unified Endpoint Management report for Q2, to being recognized as a vendor to watch by KuppingerCole Leadership Compass, Hexnode is quite thrilled to be recognized for its efforts by such leading research firms.

And it goes without saying that our partners have played a significant role in expanding Hexnode’s global reach.

As Apu rightly said,

Customer success is, and always will be our highest priority.

Hexnode Marketplace revamp

But, being popular and recognized by our peers, and all the leading research firms – It isn’t just a one-time effort. “We must strive for constant evolution to stay at the top of the game”. With these thoughts, Apu introduces to you the Hexnode Marketplace revamp.

The revamped marketplace contains details regarding devices and partner companies and helps you to make inquiries on any specific product, thereby improving the overall experience for both customers and partners.

Hexnode Validation Program for eligible OEM partner devices

Along with this, Apu also introduced the brand-new Validation Program for eligible OEM partner devices in the marketplace. With this program, Hexnode validates OEM partner devices and issues a badge of approval for the qualified devices.

Upcoming support for wearables and IoT

What fun is an opening keynote without a surprise announcement?

Yes! Apu was quite thrilled to announce Hexnode’s upcoming support for wearables, IoT, and XR devices. Of course, there’s still a long way to go, and our team is hard at work. Internet of Things is the future, we have taken the first step towards it.

The big one. The ‘Partner Relationship Management’ portal

And here’s the big one.

The customers and partners who attended HexCon21 may remember we announced that we were in the process of setting up the new Partner Relationship Management functionalities, which would help our partners have the resources they need to run their businesses efficiently.

Today, the CMO at Hexnode, Rachana Vijayan, announced the release of Hexnode’s brand new Partner Relationship Management portal, which brings in new functionalities for partners, including:

  • Co-brandable assets, to make the customers aware of their association with Hexnode.
  • Channel-Marketing Automation, to help send out promotional marketing materials to a list of pre-selected users defined by you. Partners can control what material to send out and whom to send it to.
  • Centralized resource library, to access all the partner resources within a single tab.

In fact, there will be sessions dedicated purely covering PRM functionalities, delivered by our experts later in the summit. But that’s a topic for the upcoming blogs.

Partner awards

Yes! The partner awards are back with a bang! To appreciate our partners’ relentless support and dedication, we are continuing with our awards ceremony this year. The winners will be announced at the end of the summit.

Information security and compliance with Hexnode

As an enterprise security firm, Hexnode has always been early adopters of new tools and technologies.

Hexnode already has an Information Security Management System in line with the IOS guidelines. We are also looking into Security Assurance solutions that will help us speed up the certification process and give customers and partners clear and accurate responses to vendor security questionnaires. What’s more, Hexnode will also be able to provide security assurance reports to assist partners gain consumer trust and complete sales more quickly.

“We anticipate that our investments in information security and compliance will make doing business with government agencies and other regulated businesses easier for you.”


There is no better way to conclude than to quote our CEO and Founder, Apu Pavithran.

“I want to reiterate our motto of consistent, creative progress. Some of you have been part of the family for 5 years now, and some have only just joined. Here’s to moving forward, now and always.”

With that, we have covered all of what was said in the opening keynote.

Take a quick peek here to learn everything you can expect from Hexnode’s 2022 Partner Summit.

And be sure to stick around for more blogs on Hexnode Partner Summit 2022.

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