iOS 10.3 MDM features for enterprises

Elizabeth Hale

Feb 24, 2017

2 min read

The iOS 10.3 is adding a wide variety of features to the arsenal. Though a lot of cool device features are incorporated in this build, such as

  • Find my AirPod : This build makes it possible to locate the wireless earphones Apple introduced with iPhone 7. The location can be identified on a map or we can make the Airpods to emit a sound.
  • New APFS (Apple file system).
  • Sirikit enhancements: Siri is enhanced to integrate with more apps.
  • iCloud analytics.
  • Wifi calling (in UK).
  • Change app icons without an update.

are a few of them.

After a few weeks of the first beta release, Apple released the second beta version in which they re-enabled the call blocking enhancements they disabled in the first version.

But wondered what iOS 10.3 brings for enterprises?

Though not identified completely, we are listing some of the MDM features that we can look forward to in the new release.

  • RestartDevice Command : For supervised devices, immediate restart action can be invoked by this command.
  • ShutDownDevice Command :The supervised devices can be shut down immediately by this command.
  • MDM lost mode : iOS 10.3 enables the device to play a sound while in the lost mode.

Hoping Apple will surpass our speculations and what’s already been released, let’s wait and see what iOS 10.3 brings next.


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