Hexnode UEM introduces Hexnode Gateway and Hexnode Access, streamlining macOS management

Astrid Wolff

Nov 21, 2023

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San Francisco, CA, 21st November 2023: Hexnode UEM, the enterprise software division of Mitsogo Inc., recently announced a significant expansion in its product functionalities. The company introduced the rebranding of two pivotal features, Hexnode Onboarder and Hexnode Secure Login, now known as Hexnode Gateway and Hexnode Access, respectively. This rebranding marks a notable step towards providing organizations with enhanced, user-friendly, and more intuitive tools for managing their macOS devices.

Hexnode Gateway (formerly Hexnode Onboarder) is designed to simplify device provisioning, ensuring that macOS devices can be seamlessly enrolled into mobile device management (MDM) solutions. As organizations evolve beyond their existing MDM software’s capabilities, Hexnode Gateway enables administrators to remotely migrate their entire macOS fleet to Hexnode, eliminating the need for manual deployment. Before pushing the gateway’s PKG file remotely, admins can configure the application’s settings from the Hexode portal, allowing for an automated app installation process, eliminating manual initiation.

Hexnode Access (formerly Hexnode Secure Login) focuses on enhancing the convenience of the login process for Macs while bolstering security. By configuring Hexnode Access, the default macOS login window gets replaced with ‘Hexnode Access,’ permitting IT admins to upload a background image of their choice, reinforcing the company’s brand identity. Hexnode Access guarantees a more secure login process for employees and authorized users, by implementing a dual-stage authentication process. This entails users authenticating their identity with cloud-based identity providers in addition to their local account credentials, providing an extra layer of protection for sensitive data and information.

“In today’s evolving business landscape, the rising prominence of macOS devices within enterprises is undeniable. As the market share of macOS devices continues to grow, so does the dependence on robust device management solutions. To meet the demands of modern enterprises, an efficient endpoint management solution should offer seamless device provisioning, robust security configuration, and enhanced employee productivity. The development of Hexnode Gateway and Hexnode Access ensures that organizations can harness the full potential of macOS devices while maintaining the highest standards of efficiency and security,”said Sahad M, CTO at Hexnode.

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About Hexnode

Hexnode, an award-winning cloud-based Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution, was developed with the mission of helping enterprises manage their device fleet. Recognizing the value of corporate data and witnessing the emergence of BYODs, COPEs, and COBOs, Hexnode has been in an endeavor of introducing intelligent technologies to safeguard devices against threats and thefts. It offers full mobility management software compatible with all major platforms, including Android, Windows, iOS, macOS, Fire OS, and Apple TVs. Hexnode, known for its enthusiastic support crew, offers a free trial for those interested in giving it a try.


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