Hexnode ranked amongst the 18 best mobility management software in Solutions Review

Andrea Jones

Oct 11, 2018

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WALNUT, Calif., October 10, 2018 ( – The Unified Endpoint Management solution- Hexnode

MDM, has been listed amongst the 18 best mobility management software in Solutions Review. The ability to support a number of devices from one screen has been highly acknowledged.

Hexnode MDM assists the users to centrally manage devices, disable and restrict features, and create policies with desired configurations and assign them to specific groups. It is capable of handling the whole enterprise mobility management. All major platforms including iOS, Android, Windows (Phones and PCs), macOS, and tvOS are supported by Hexnode MDM. It integrates with Active Directory, Android in the Enterprise, Samsung Knox, LG GATE, Kyocera, Sony, HTC, and Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and Volume Purchase Program (VPP). An API is available for developers to create custom applications with the features offered by Hexnode MDM.

Hexnode MDM provides a rich set of mobile security features like remote lock and wipe, and device lockdown for lost or stolen devices to prevent misuse of data. Firewall configuration in Mac, device encryption options like BitLocker in Windows and FileVault in macOS, geofencing, kiosk mode to lock down devices to specific app(s) are few of the other security options available in Hexnode MDM. Amongst the other renowned features include Remote Control in Samsung Knox and rooted Android devices, App Management for effectively managing apps, Content Management for content distribution to enrolled devices, and Expense Management to limit the amount of data that can be utilized.

About Company: Mitsogo Inc. is a trusted provider of Enterprise Mobility Solution under the brand Hexnode. The MDM offers application management, security management, email management, kiosk management etc. along with device management. Hexnode MDM has found its way to all kinds of business sectors such as education, healthcare, transportation and even in high-security government fields all over the world. The clutter-less UI and simplified workflow are what makes the solution more efficient and preferable.

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