Hexnode @ GITEX 2023: Let’s meet, greet, and talk!

Alie Ashryver

Oct 10, 2023

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The largest and the most happening event, marking all tech calendars, is all set to mesmerize the entire world. In a couple of weeks, the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition, better known as GITEX, will dominate the tech circles as the ultimate ‘HOT TOPIC‘ and trend the No. 1 spot across all social media platforms. Yup, the air’s already abuzz with excitement and sweet anticipation as we gear up to meet you there at GITEX 2023!

Business, economy, society, and culture take center stage as GITEX 2023 unites the most innovative enterprises and the brightest minds from across the globe. Indeed, GITEX is THE place to be this third week of October from 16th October to 2Oth October 2023. So, let’s meet, greet, and talk!

What is GITEX?

Well, to put it simply, GITEX is an entire week (or rather, 5 days 😉) of tech, tech, and tech served with a side of innovation and pure brilliance in the Venice of the Gulf. Unmatched in scale and size, this year, the Dubai World Trade Center and the Dubai Harbour will host more than 6,000 companies and close to 1,500 speakers from across 170 countries to provide 800+ hours of content and more than 40 workshops. Calling it HUGE is an understatement! From exhibitions, conferences, and workshops to networking opportunities and product launches, GITEX has got it all. As such, GITEX is indeed a failproof approach to widening your horizons and tasting international reach.

Having shown a penchant for growing and evolving into THE tech hub of tomorrow since its launch in 1981, GITEX has built a solid history and reputation as a premier technology event that continues to shape the tech landscape in the MENA region and beyond. It serves as a testament to the rapid growth and development of the technology sector in the UAE and the broader Middle East.

So, why GITEX?

Well, for everyone, from students and techies to business peeps and academics, there are a million reasons to attend this global expo. But none of them is as compelling as the fact that the expo is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. In fact, last year, the 42nd edition of GITEX was five full days of surprised gasps and awe-struck eyes as we saw flying cars, driverless taxis, and, of course, the official release of Microsoft’s HoloLens 2.

Apart from all of this glitz and glam, over the years, the event GITEX has become synonymous with being the epicenter of opportunities. Engage, explore, network, and improve! In fact, countless articles floating around the internet will underline four major reasons why you shouldn’t miss GITEX. Chance a glance.

  • With how big the scale of attendance is, the event is the perfect stage for enhanced networking.
  • Thought leaders, inventors, and innovators spinning best-in-class information-packed technical seminars form the best recipe for elevated learning.
  • Engage with global tech powerhouses: 4000+ exhibitors and 200 government agencies from 170+ countries. The event showcases groundbreaking enterprise solutions, unveiling innovations and technologies that can redefine industries.
  • Explore technology trends.

So, you see. All-in-all, it’s a treat!

Preps for GITEX…

There’s not a lot of time, but here’s what you have got to do!


Scour the net and keep an eye on the official GITEX website. Also, don’t forget to keep track of what is happening where. (Ps: Identify key contacts and potential partners or clients you want to connect with at GITEX 😉)

Set your goals

Pen down your goals and be sure to check out what interests you. Define your networking goals, including the specific individuals or organizations you want to connect with at the event.

Plan, plan, plan!

Plan everything down to the last ‘t.’ (We know we did 😁!) And so, plan your interactions and everything else to not shuffle around at the last second.

Hexnode @ GITEX 2023

Amidst all the hustle and bustle, don’t forget to meet us! Whatever it is, whether you want to know about Hexnode – the working, options, and the likes, or maybe want to hash out the deets and shake hands with Hexnode on a potential partnership, come visit us.

Keep an eye out for buzz from @hexnode on the gram and @thehexnode on X for timely updates on where to find us and all. Also, don’t forget to refresh the #hexnodeatgitex feed for spot highlights of Hexnode-related news!

Meet & greet: Answering your questions…

Whatever doubts clog your mind regarding endpoint security or cybersecurity in general, turn around and come find us at the Hexnode booth! We’ll be here at Cyber Valley, H23-E30 booth, with a team of experts to quell all your doubts over a hot cuppa coffee and some munchies.

Grab a demo!

Yup, you read that right. All you gotta do is ask, and our experts will sit down with you to take you through an in-depth demo of Hexnode. In fact, list down your needs, and our tech experts will help you figure out how best to tailor Hexnode around your needs and pain points regarding endpoint security. Off the top of my head, here are a few things you can expect from the demo.

Remote monitoring and management:

Gone are the days of filled-up office cubicles and round-the-table conferences (not completely, but still). Remote work, or even hybrid work, is the new normal. So, obviously, you need a sleek and comprehensive solution for managing your remote teams. (Psst, psst! Hexnode’s got you covered 😉) Hit up our experts with all your doubts and watch as they quell’em all with a smile.

Telecom expense management:

With the dawn of 5G and the emergence of 6G, data expenses are poised to soar even higher. Our product specialists eagerly await the opportunity to bring you up to speed on the latest telecom expense management features. Say farewell to data overages, hefty cell phone bills, and operational inefficiencies.

Kiosk management:

There is, indeed, no doing away with kiosk needs in a corporate environment or any other organizational setup. Especially now that digital signage is gaining popularity by the second. Maximize the potential of your digital screens with compelling branding and effective digital signage marketing. Let Hexnode help you harness this potential by deploying interactive kiosks and digital signage on a variety of Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

IoT management:

Hexnode has made significant advancements in its IoT capabilities over the years. Join our experts as they demonstrate effortless IoT management across a diverse range of devices, including Apple TV, Raspberry Pi, Android, Android TV devices, wearables, and more. Furthermore, our extended support for AOSP devices adds an extra layer of intrigue, promising a wealth of captivating possibilities to explore.

There’s a whole lot more. So, come join us at the DWTC, Cyber Valley, H23-E30 booth. You can either schedule a meeting with our team right here or use the official GITEX Plus (android/iOS) app. Or, you could just casually walk into our booth!

We’ll see you there!

So, GITEX is happening, and soon! Five days of boundless innovation and limitless possibilities await us all at GITEX 2023. And so, don’t forget to check in with us at the Hexnode booth.

It’s a date!

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