Hexnode Access now available for Windows, providing devices a secure login solution

Astrid Wolff

Nov 21, 2023

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San Francisco, CA, 21st November 2023: Hexnode UEM, the enterprise software division of Mitsogo Inc., announced the launch of its latest feature, “Hexnode Access,” for Windows devices. Previously launched for macOS devices, Hexnode Access enables administrators to deploy cloud authentication configurations on user accounts for Windows devices.

This feature enables employees to create local accounts on their Windows devices using their cloud identity provider (IdP) credentials. As a result, IT admins no longer need to preconfigure local accounts on user devices. Currently, Hexnode Access supports prominent IdPs like Azure AD and Google Workspace, with plans for the imminent addition of Okta and OneLogin support.

After enrolling devices via Hexnode, IT admins can select the identity provider and authentication type that aligns with their organizational requirements. Users, in turn, can add local accounts to their devices by authenticating their cloud IdP credentials (Azure AD and Google Workspace) to log into the device. Once local accounts are set up, users can access their devices using the locally set password for the account after the cloud authentication.

Device login with a corporate IdP account is a valuable feature, significantly contributing to identity and access management (IAM). The scope of this feature underlines all identity-related security practices in an organization, offering notable relief to the IT department. Hexnode has consistently expanded its IAM functionalities, starting with the integration of Okta in 2021. Hexnode Access stands out as a feature amplifying identity security in organizations, validating and authenticating users entering the corporate network.

In addition to the prior mentioned functionalities, Hexnode access offers flexibility in configuring restrictions for users or user groups, such as limiting offline access and controlling device password resets. Furthermore, it provides customization options, allowing users to set up custom wallpapers and logos for login pages and configure custom scripts that run during user login.

Hexnode Access not only simplifies IT Admin tasks by streamlining account creation but also provides an additional layer of security in a corporate environment. It’s worth noting that plans are in place to integrate Single Sign-On (SSO) login into Hexnode Access, along with expanding supported IdPs.

About Hexnode

Hexnode is the award-winning Unified Endpoint Management platform from Mitsogo Inc. The unified platform makes it easy to secure endpoints and manage all devices using a central console that is accessible across every OS and network. Recognizing the value of corporate data and witnessing the emergence of BYODs, COPEs, and COBOs, the cloud-based solution was founded on a mission to provide tools to securely manage organizations and pave the way for the future of business mobility. Hexnode, known for its enthusiastic support crew, offers a free trial for those interested in giving it a try.


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