HexCon21- Hexnode’s annual user conference is on your way. Mark your calendars!

Andrea Jones

Jun 1, 2021

2 min read

Last year, Hexnode hosted its first-ever global user conference- HexCon20. The two-day conference brought together our customers and partners and served as a medium for us to e-meet our trustable fam (virtually). The huge response we received from the attendees forced us to come back with a bang, this time with much greater zeal and enthusiasm. Yes, you got that right! Here’s unveiling ‘’HexCon21’’.

This year, HexCon21 will flag off on the 21st of September 2021 and will continue until the 23rd of September 2021, a three-day event, which means thrice the fun. Just like the previous year, HexCon21 will serve as a fairground for all our customers and partners to closely analyze ‘everything Hexnode’. This year, we have our gates open for everyone (non-customers) interested to join and learn about what we have in store without spending a penny (P.S: Conditions apply).

HexCon21 will bring together the best industry leaders and speakers from various sectors to share their thoughts on the evolving technology trends and will give you a clearer picture of the upcoming modifications in the tech world. A bunch of technical experts from our team will also guide you through every nook and corner of Hexnode- you’d surely fly out as a Pro at the end of the user conference!

We heartily invite anyone interested in becoming a HexCon21 speaker. We have laid down a few concerns on the subject you can talk about at HexCon21. Check out the associated constraints here. We are also calling in sponsors to jump in and broaden up their connections. Drop an email to to let us know your interests.

HexCon21 Highlights

  • Specialist keynotes
  • Expert sessions
  • Continuous live product demos
  • Customer and partner talks
  • Hexnode Certification program
  • Fun games
  • Swag & goodies

We are super-duper excited to see you all back this year. Though we wished to make this a one-on-one event, keeping in mind the ongoing effects of the pandemic and the associated safety concerns, we are bound to e-meet you this year as well. Nevertheless, our excitement is no less as we would be able to meet you all from the comfort of your homes. Hopefully, in the coming years, we would be able to host HexCon as a live event.

So, don’t wait for a second! Book your seats today!


Andrea Jones

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