Capacity building and digital collaboration post covid for business expansion

Jibran Ali talks about what strategies have worked for them during the pandemic and how SETI has worked with digital marketing at the center of everything they do.

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Jibran Ali Khan

Executive Director (APAC-EMEA)


Having MBA in Marketing, MSC Degree in Business from Switzerland and Journalism (Hons) from a renowned institute in Pakistan with an asset of diplomas and certifications in world's leading technologies like Innovation, Blockchain, IOT, Cybersecurity, Agile, Remote working, Entrepreneurship, Digital marketing etc.

In a span of 14 Professional years and with long term exposure in foreign countries, Jibran has been able to work closely with large multinational companies at influential positions, contributing immensely in the creation and promotion of innovative-interactive technologies, followed by credible vast experience in brand creation, promotion, marketing, establishing start-ups and business consultation.

Over the last decade Jibran has been honoured to work in collaboration with multiple governments at local and international level on several different projects that consist of introducing E-Learning Technologies, Cloud Technologies, Renewable Energy, Innovation Research, STEM and Skill Certifications. Jibran has contributed towards capacity building in terms of skills & knowledge by training over 150,000 individuals all around the globe. Currently engaged in equipping youth & businesses with the knowledge and skills to compete in the market.

Effectively using his journalism skills to bring a positive impact in the society and influence youth & businesses towards preparing themselves for the future industry. Working tirelessly towards bringing innovative approaches in different segments of industry via Blockchain Technology