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We accompany companies in the digitization process, allowing customers to take advantage of the presence of a tablet in the store and the sales force to explore information in real-time using it to better advise and serve.

The constantly evolving information technology demands innovative solutions from reliable and flexible partners. As an IT system house, DATEC pro-GmbH has been facing this task since 1989, including in consultation, service, development, procurement Virtualization, Network security and monitoring

Solution Tailor offers support for Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses with a human touch. Our expertise is wide and centers around being able to communicate effectively. This is why we offer $0 upfront costs for business phone systems, company email addresses, and cloud storage solutions for small businesses.

In a nutshell, we take away your worries over business Mobility, Productivity, and Security. In the Internet era, mobility is important in business. We can help you to create a solution that allows you to remotely monitor and control your business. You can work and play on the same device yet separates workspace from personal space.

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