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Pablo Romera

Technology and Operational Improvement Catalyst

LAM Technology

Pablo has been a Strategic Business Advisor at LAM Technology for 6 years, and the Director of the Center of Excellence in Digital Ethics at Dallas Baptist University for 3. With a background in psychology and technology, he has held multiple advisory board positions and is heavily involved in the community.

Pablo’s focus is to consult with internal stakeholders as it pertains to people, process and technology, with the end goal of collaborating toward further strengthening the corporate mission and vision as a whole. He brings in elasticity of understanding and insight that enables executive teams to uncover valuable data points from the always-present operational blind spots that can be always mitigated, but never fully eradicated. He also carries a track record of relentless investigation of an organization’s cultural and operational landscape to help envision next steps and internalization of best practices, while remaining committed to the most gentle and prudent path to measured change. Digital Ethics is at the heart of his approach.

Pablo’s golden rule? In everything, treat people the same way you want them to treat you. Be steadfast and stubbornly persistent in the quest for results.