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Dr. Joseph J Burt-Miller Jr.

Assistant Project Manager

U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Dr. Joseph J Burt-Miller Jr. is a product of Mt. Vernon, NY. He is an Air Force Veteran and a Capella University graduate with a myriad of experience within IT, cybersecurity, and cloud-based applications within the United States government, including the DoD and DHS. Dr. Burt-Miller's dissertation, Exploring Cybersecurity Expert Recommendations to Fortify U.S. National Security: A Generic Qualitative Inquiry, is a generic qualitative inquiry (GQI) where its population consisted of cybersecurity professionals tasked with the responsibility of U.S. national security. The findings of this study illuminated themes affiliated with the present vulnerabilities of the U.S. power grid.

Currently, as an Asst Project Manager, Dr. Burt-Miller utilizes IT knowledge to complement the ability to give strong presentations, creating avenues to enhance the understanding of teams and partners through clear workshops and conversations around information technology. Additionally, Dr. Burt-Miller assists the Project and Program Manager in providing oversight over the HART project while staying aligned with senior leadership goals. Dr. Burt-Miller excels in government project management by using an approach grounded in clear communication and mutual respect from all parties to achieve the specified outcome within the organizational strategy.

As an ISACA member, Dr. Burt-Miller gives back to the cybersecurity community by providing presentations and mentorship.