Modernizing the Security Goals: “CIA” is half the story (or less)

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Brett Osborne

Cyber Security & GRC Architect

Brett has over twenty years in Security & GRC and is a recognized national expert and leader.

Brett’s certifications include NIST RMF (several credentials), FISMA, DFARS, SP 800 171, DoD CMMC (credentialed), and HIPAA Security Rule. Brett has published articles on topics in this sector as well as presentations in a variety of situations, including international conferences, security group meetings as well as online streams.

Brett has over twenty years of experience with enhancing security and privacy protections across a variety of Federal and DoD organizations as well as contractors. This includes assuring compliance with FISMA/SP 800 53 and HIPAA, as well as SP 800 171. This includes fulfilling both ISSO as well as Assessor roles.

Brett has over twenty years of experience soliciting and creating the information necessary to create and manage all security documents. Brett has created, written, updated, and corrected as well as assessed/evaluated various plans. This includes (but not limited to) System Security, Disaster/Recovery, Contingency, and Incident plans as well as associated policies and procedures. Brett has directed Assessments to include designing and executed technical testing as well as related interviews with system staff, and reviews of all related documentation.

Brett has received the Registered Practitioner credential from the CMMC Accreditation Body, and is nearing completion of ALL other CMMC credentials. Brett regularly attends CMMC AB events, and stays up-to-date with current events.