Establishing a Trust Anchor upon Digital Onboarding of Remote Employees

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Manuel Garat Loureiro

Head of IAM (Identity and Access Management)

After being a software developer for 10 years, I realised that my focus on value delivery, product vision and strategic significance was pulling me towards a new and exciting role. As an IAM (Identity and Access Management) Product Manager, I was able to bring together my three passions: Software Development, Security and Agile Methodologies. To my surprise, coming from an engineering background, I discovered that coming up with a vision, defending it, making it come true and bringing value to customers while removing waste is what I enjoyed about it most.

The next logical step was taking over the end-to-end enterprise IAM process: leading and coordinating multiple cross-functional teams, both technical and operational to deliver the best value for the business with the least possible waste and maximizing agility.

My engineering experience provides me with the ability to define complex functionality and understand the Development Team, the problems and the intricacies they face. My Information Security background allows me to understand the specifics of Authentication and Authorisation both regarding security and regulatory compliance. My experience with agile helps meĀ bind it all together towards maximizing value and minimizing waste.