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Dr. Stacy Thayer

Adjunct Professor of Cyberpsychology

Norfolk State University

Dr. Stacy Thayer, has over 20 years' experience working with professionals in the technical and security industry, and a Ph.D. in Clinical and Organizational/Business Psychology. Her clinical research has explored online communication as it relates to depression and anxiety, and factors that contribute to job satisfaction in the technology sector, and on burnout in the security industry. Her work in organizational and business psychology focuses on bridging the communication gap between technical and nontechnical working professionals.

She is passionate about creating a positive and thriving working environment that will help support individual strengths and successes. Thayer also was the Founder of SOURCE Conferences in Boston, Seattle, Barcelona, and Dublin before it was acquired in 2014 and has done work on several events to help create positive networking environments. She has spoken at numerous security conferences, including Black Hat, RSA, and BSides, and she is currently an Adjunct Professor of Cyberpsychology at Norfolk State University.