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10:00 am Sept 21

Keynote: The Future in Focus

Hear from Hexnode's board of directors as they share their vision for Hexnode's future. Learn more about Hexnode's product updates and exciting announcements.

Keynote General
10:10 am Sept 21

Cameras, CACs & Clocks: Enterprise IoT Security Sucks – A Story of Two Million Interrogated Devices

With two IPOs & eight acquisitions, Brian has helped build some of the most successful security companies in the world. At HexCon22, Brian tells the tale of two million interrogated devices.

Industry Speakers General
10:15 am Sept 21

Keynote: Interview with Ciaran Martin

Join Ciaran Martin and Apu Pavithran, CEO, Hexnode, as they engage in an interesting conversation on everything cybersecurity.

Industry Speakers Keynote General
10:30 am Sept 21

The Untold Story of Poor Vulnerability Management

Join Randy Varela as he dives into vulnerability management, why it is still a problem and how it can be tackled.

Industry Speakers General
11:00 am Sept 21

Product Training: iOS management

iOS management just got easier with Hexnode. Catch up on the latest updates in this comprehensive training session.

Breakout Sessions Product
11:20 am Sept 21

Interview: Prepare for the Future of Work with Unified Endpoint Management

The UEM market is projected to reach $53.65 billion by 2030. Andrew Hewitt, Senior Analyst at Forrester, and Rachana Vijayan, CMO, Hexnode, sit down to discuss the future of UEM.

Industry Speakers General
11:25 am Sept 21

Information Protection and Governance

Veteran Microsoft Trainer Abhilasha Rakesh discusses the importance of information protection and governance, configuring DLP policies and how to prevent data losses.

Industry Speakers General
11:35 pm Sept 21

Securing Software Supply Chain: Common Threats and how to Protect Against Them

Remember the scary 'solorigate' attack that demonstrated the easiness with which attackers could hack into well-protected firms? Top cybersecurity expert Roman Zhukov talks about the best practices to take care of when reusing both open-source and close-source products by the development and infrastructure team and how to mitigate potential threats.

Industry Speakers General
10:45 am Sept 21

What You Need to Know about the Ransomware Economy – The Big Business of Extortion and Bigger Business of Response

The financial impacts of ransomware attacks are immense, and they can jeopardize businesses of any size, and the extortion economy, unfortunately, is booming. Check out this engaging session by cybersecurity thought leader Walt Powell to learn more.

Industry Speakers General
11:50 am Sept 21

Product Training: Mac management

Learn about Mac management with Hexnode, in this brief session.

Breakout Sessions Partner Training Product
11:55 am Sept 21

Demystifying Zero-Trust in the Cloud

Zero-trust concepts are rapidly shaping cloud environments, and Atef Abdelkefi takes a closer look at zero-trust in the cloud.

Industry Speakers General
12:05 pm Sept 21

Leading Safe – Forging a resilient cybersecurity workforce

Cybersecurity ambassador Jacob Luna talks about improving a workforce's resilience in line with an improved cybersecurity framework.

Industry Speakers General
1:00 pm Sept 21

Mobile devices and Apps are the New Endpoint Threat

Philip Ingram, an established journalist with a long-standing career in the British Military Intelligence dives into how mobile devices and apps are the new endpoint threat.

Industry Speakers General
12:30 pm Sept 21

Confessions of a CIA spy – The art of human hacking

90 percent of data breaches are initiated through human hacking. Former CIA Analyst Peter Warmka explores the methodologies utilized by threat actors to manipulate people.

Industry Speakers General
12:30 pm Sept 21

The Vital Nature of Vision and Power of Mindset

Danny Bader, shares the story of his own near-death experience and offers the audience the opportunity to strengthen their approach to living life

Industry Speakers General
12:50 pm Sept 21

Product training: Android management

Simplify Android device management, with Hexnode, in this detailed training session.

Industry Speakers General
12:50 pm Sept 21

Hacks That Bypass Multi-Factor Authentication and How to Make Your MFA Solution Phishing Resistant

MFA’s are quite hackable. But there are types of MFAs that are more phishing resistant and less hackable. Roger Grimes, Data-Driven Evangelist at KnowBe4, talks about the “Hacks that bypass Multi-Factor Authentication and How to Make Your MFA Solution Phishing Resistant.”

Industry Speakers General
3:30 pm Sept 21

Cybercrime Finds a Way

It’s said that for every lock, there is someone out there trying to pick it or break in. The cybersecurity domain is no different. Rick Holland, CISO & Vice President of Strategy at Digital Shadows talks about how ‘Cybercrime finds a way.’

Industry Speakers General
1:00 pm Sept 21

Key focus areas for reducing the cost of a data breach

Worried about how a data breach would affect your wallets? Ashwin Ram offers his insights on key focus areas for reducing the cost of a data breach.

Industry Speakers General
1:15 pm Sept 21

Strategic Security Programs for Modern Organizations

Many organizations have security programs but do not have security strategies. Warner Moore, the founder of Gamma Force, talks about the importance of building a strategic security program and how to drive a strategy that enables your organization

Industry Speakers General
1:35 pm Sept 21

SaaS: The Forgotten Part of the Cloud Shared Responsibility Model

When someone mentions cloud security, you think of Infrastructure as a Service. Jerich's session might change your mind about it, as he discusses SaaS's relevance in cloud security.

Industry Speakers General
1:45 pm Sept 21

Product training: Windows management

Windows management simplified, with Hexnode. Discover the latest features and updates, in this brief training session.

Breakout Sessions Product
1:45 pm Sept 21

A Guide to Effective Management of Remote Teams for Security Leaders

If leaders adopt the right strategies, businesses can improve the productivity levels of remote teams. Stacy Thayer, Adjunct Professor of Cyberpsychology at Norfolk State University, has helpful tips for the security leaders among us on effective management of remote teams.

Industry Speakers General
1:40 pm Sept 21

Unlocking Leadership Mindset to Prioritize Cybersecurity Investments

Marcos Sêmola speaks On the rapidly growing cybersecurity threats and how we could work to unlock the leadership mindset to prioritize investment in cybersecurity properly.

Industry Speakers General
2:10 pm Sept 21

CyberWar and Peace

Get insights into Nick Shevelyov’s book ‘Cyber War and Peace,’ in which he takes lessons from history and translates them through analogical storytelling into security practices.

Industry Speakers General
2:05 pm Sept 21

IoT Security – Challenges and Best Practices

The proliferation of IoT devices has truly revolutionized various sectors, but it poses significant security hazards. Join Sunil David as he dwells deeper into IOT's challenges and best practices.

Industry Speakers General
2:20 pm Sept 21

Microsoft Defender for Office 365 Evasion: The Story of Confirmed Vulnerability

Sergey Chubarov, Trainer at Microsoft, speaks about Microsoft Defender for Office 365, the vulnerabilities, and how protections may be bypassed. If you work with Microsoft, this is a must-watch session!

Industry Speakers General
2:35 pm Sept 21

Misunderstanding Draining ROI

In the corporate world, it isn’t uncommon to see managers frustrated from missed deadlines or staff close to burnout from understaffed teams. Best-selling author Dr. Sha Yanna speaks about how misunderstandings drain ROI.

Industry Speakers General
2:50 pm Sept 21

Secure Browser or Browser Isolation 101

Browser Isolation secures a computer/network from web-based threats by executing all browsing activity in an isolated virtual environment. Cybersecurity Architect Evgeniy Kharam guides how browser isolation helps secure the network and how it helps achieve zero trust network access and more.

Industry Speakers General
2:50 pm Sept 21

Cybersecurity is Everybody’s Problem – How to Make Non-Technical Teams Care

Do you downplay the importance of cybersecurity and underestimate associated risks? You might be forced to rethink by the end of this session by Jennifer Cox.

Industry Speakers General
3:10 pm Sept 21

Positive Impact and Influence on the Next Cybersecurity Generation

This session by an Air Force Veteran with a myriad of experience within IT, and cybersecurity, sheds light on the active role in ensuring the provision of necessary tools and opportunities for the next generation to develop a strong and resilient cyber team.

Industry Speakers General
3:25 pm Sept 21

Why Should I Care About Vulnerabilities? And How to Manage Them

Cybersecurity Executive Chuck Davis, vCISO at Caveat Labs speaks on the topic ‘Patch Overflow: How to Manage the Deluge of Vulnerabilities.’ in this HexCon22 session.

Industry Speakers General
3:30 pm Sept 21

Built for Business and Rugged Device Management

Don’t miss this session on “Built for Business and Rugged Device Management,” to understand the relevance of rugged device management from the leaders at Cat Phones.

Industry Speakers General
10:00 am Sept 22

Interview with Joe Tidy

By 2025, the global datasphere will reach 175 zettabytes- that's the number 175 followed by 21 zeroes. How do you intend to secure this huge lot of data? Do the growing numbers of cybercrime seem threatening? Watch Joe Tidy from BBC News answer these questions, in an interview session with Sarika Abraham, Media and Public Relations Manager.

Industry Speakers General
10:30 am Sept 22

Leverage your Network to Build your Net Worth in Cybersecurity

Do you find networking hard? Join Aarti Gadhia, one of the top 20 women in cybersecurity Canada, at HexCon22 as she offers networking tips to fuel your growth while staying authentic.

Keynote General
10:40 am Sept 22

Disruptive Cyber-attacks on Critical Infrastructures

Cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure have an enervating impact on public health, safety, commerce, and even national security. Tune into Ali Kingston Mwila’s session that focuses on the immediate approach to explore and outline forms of cyber-attack capabilities.

Keynote General
10:50 am Sept 22

Protecting the Crown Jewels: Intellectual Property Protection 101

The theft of IP assets comes with enormous monetary losses and significant reputational damage. Frank Figgliuizzi, former FBI Assistant Director for Counterintelligence, throws light on the importance of safeguarding intellectual property.

Industry Speakers General
11:05 am Sept 22

Incident Response War Stories

Mike Saylor, a technology professional with vast experience, analyses cyber incidents at two large organizations and gives recommendations for being more effective in our incident response capabilities.

Industry Speakers General
11:20 am Sept 22

Making Cyber not Cyber

Information Security advocate, Jeff Man, shares his experiences of over 40 years on what used to be known as information security and is now referred to as cybersecurity. But are they the same, or are they different?

Industry Speakers General
11:35 am Sept 22

Cybersecurity is for Everyone

Kim Kennedy breaks down the myths of barriers to entry and elaborates on our role as practitioners to raise awareness in a way everyone can understand.

Industry Speakers General
11:50 am Sept 22

Privileged Credentials: Are you ready to protect the keys of the kingdom?

Businesses need to discover and lock down privileged access since cyber-attacks involve exploiting privileged credentials. Are you ready to protect the keys of the kingdom? David Muniz will guide you to safety.

Industry Speakers General
12:00 pm Sept 22

Securing the Digital Beachhead: The Myth of Cybersecurity Compliance

US Air Force veteran and CEO of Digital Beachhead, Mike Crandall talks about the myth of cybersecurity compliance.

Industry Speakers General
12:10 pm Sept 22

Saving the Internet with Zero Trust

Tech leader Tina Gravel elaborates on practical ideas around what can be done to protect public or private firms by implementing Zero Trust's aspects.

Industry Speakers General
12:25 pm Sept 22

How Safe are you Online?

Are we safe online? Ben Owen, an intelligence collection professional with over 20 years in the industry explores more on online safety.

Industry Speakers General
12:40 pm Sept 22

The Psychology of Social Engineering

Isn’t it alarming that one may be influenced to divulge confidential information by psychological exploitation? Victoria Granovia’s session on psychology and social engineering dive deep into an immensely relevant issue with grave implications.

Industry Speakers General
12:45 pm Sept 22

Digital Trust & Cybersecurity: A Call for Openness & Interoperability

Embracing openness and interoperability is the way forward as businesses are looking forward to establishing digital trust and improving cybersecurity. Industry analyst, David Mahdi, shares his knowledge in the domain.

Industry Speakers General
1:10 pm Sept 22

Data Fidelity in the Data-Centric Environment

The path towards a data-centric world is crucial, in today's environment. Dr. Char Sample engages in a conversation about data fidelity, its evolution, and the importance of being secure in a data-centric world.

Industry Speakers General
1:15 pm Sept 22

Security Communities as an Important Element of Cybersecurity

Fostering communities of like-minded security enthusiasts from across the globe helps in sharing info on potential attacks and essential remedies. Learn more from the community lead of Diary of Hackers, Joshua Moses.

Industry Speakers General
1:25 pm Sept 22

Establishing a Trust Anchor upon Digital Onboarding of Remote Employees

The pandemic has brought to the fore weaknesses that companies have always had regarding onboarding new employees. What if I hire an impostor, who can later be properly authenticated following all my security controls? Learn more about this riveting session by Manuel Garat Loureiro.

Industry Speakers General
1:30 pm Sept 22

Panel Session: DevSecOps

Integrating security in the 'software development lifecycle' safeguards enterprises from cyberattacks. Join the trio of Sam Sehgal, Chris Kirchsce, and Kapil Bareja with Amith Manoj to learn more on DevSecOps.

Industry Speakers General