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Chris Johnson and Joshua Smith discuss how to limit access to products and services to reduce the threat surface and the probability of being compromised.

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Chris Johnson

Technology Director

Mount Pleasant Community School District

Chris Johnson is a Cybersecurity Compliance Strategist and Director of Technology for Mount Pleasant Community School District. Chris is responsible for leading the Cybersecurity Leadership and ensuring that technology for students and staff are appropriate and well protected. As a former MSP that focused on SMB to Mid-Market clients who struggled with regulatory compliance it is a perfect fit.

A thought leader in his industry, Johnson is the Ex-Officio chairperson of the CompTIA Security Community and an active CompTIA Ambassador. In these roles, he champions the abilities of managed services providers seeking to develop a book of business that focuses on cybersecurity. His work focuses on the knowledge transfer that must occur for an MSP to transition to MSSP. This "group within a group of MSPs is a thriving community of practice because of Johnson's day-to-day involvement, his insights and support and his real-world experience earned in the trenches as he assists MSPs across the United States. Check out his podcast MSP 1337 if you would like hear some raw conversations about cybersecurity.

Specialties: Regulatory Compliance, Policy and Procedure management, EMR/PM and other Business line application Integration, small provider workflow strategies, branding and web identity, network architecture and security, emphasis on providing outsourced IT and Security services.

Joshua Smith

Senior Sales Engineer


Successful Enterprise Sales Engineer building on past roles as a network administrator, web developer, MSP owner, and vendor SE. My experience has allowed me to build and sell technology solutions as both a reseller and a vendor. Having been on both sides of the business transaction provides me with insight on how to be successful from either position.

During my time in the SMB IT channel I was active in the community where I’ve given talks and interviews on best practices surrounding security and leveraging vendors to protect clients. In the enterprise space I’ve presented to CISOs, CIOs, CTOs, and large university security teams to win deals.