Industrial IoT challenges from OT to IIoT

Mirko Ross dives into industrial IoT and the many challenges you face while implementing it in today’s world.

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Mirko Ross



Mirko Ross, born 1972, is an internationally recognized, Entrepreneur, expert, speaker, publicist and researcher in the field of Cyber Security and the Internet of Things. At the age of 14, he began investigating vulnerabilities in IT systems. Instead of a career as a hacker, he decided to found during his studies his first company digital worx, focusing on Internet software development and eCommerce. Mirko is a member of the Expert Group on Internet Security of Things of the European Cyber Security Agency ENISA and advises the EU Commission as an expert. He is also active in international committees and research projects in the field of B2B business, cyber security and blockchain technologies: KATANA (b2b Commerce in Food supply chains) MITASSIST (ehealth wearable), IoTCrawler (secure search in IoT assests, i4Sec secure IoT applications for industry). Mirko is still closely associated with the positive hacker attitude and maker movement and promotes non-profit projects in the field of Open Data and IT education. In 2018 he founded a new company,, with the aim of increasing cyber security in the Internet of Things and providing software solutions for this purpose. Mirko is living in the Countryside and works in Stuttgart.